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Is Mexico a safe destination for solo female travelers?

Is Mexico a safe destination?

Everyone wants to travel the world at one point or another in their life. Some people have a travel buddy or go as part of a tour group, while others prefer to wander alone. One of the places you might want to get to is Mexico. The question then arises, is Mexico a safe destination for solo female travelers? You need to plan ahead and be sure you are safe and comfortable. For more travel information look at sanetraveller.

Where to travel

Like all places around the world, there are good and bad areas for solo travelers. The same can be said for Mexico.

That means, the answer to the question in the title of this post is, “It depends.” If you are staying in a hostel or a more expensive lodging, always check with the desk person to see if there is an area of town you should avoid when alone.

Always be aware of your surroundings, which means do not get stupid drunk. You can enjoy a drink or two but know your limit.

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When taking various rides, be sure to take safe transportation and use Google Maps or something similar. This will allow you to always know where you are, even when riding in public or a private car such as Uber or Lyft.

Most trains and buses can safely take you where you want to go, just be sure you understand the timetables, as well as the different transfers needed. A portable language translator device is always a traveler’s best buddy.

Food safety

Another big worry of travelers to Mexico is having to keep safe while enjoying the delicious foods and drinks. With each region presenting its own specialties, one can forget the usual meals back home for a while.

If food is your jam, Oaxaca is a foodie’s paradise. Street foods and vendors are typically a safe bet, as well as the smaller, out-of-the-way restaurants.

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Where to visit

Mexico City – This beautiful old-world city offers so much to the solo female traveler. There are quaint cafes, restaurants, unique stores, and parks to explore. Some of the best neighborhoods to explore include Juarez, Polanco, Roma Norte, Zona Rosa, San Angel, and Coyoácan.

Puerto Escondido – A laid-back and safe beach town where surfing is the sport of choice. This is a more rustic atmosphere than the tourist-filled Caribbean most people are used to when traveling to Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende – This is a magnificent town about four hours outside of Mexico City and away from the tourist beaches. It has a large population of expats. This does not take away from the authentic Mexican feel of the community and only contributes to the safety of the area. The town has stunning views and the most intricate and uniquely designed buildings to admire.

Isla Mujeres – Just north of Cancun, this magical little island is a great hideaway from the tourists of Playa del Carmen and Cancun. There are gorgeous beaches and an island paradise feel with fewer tourists. Another area gem near the sea and not far away is Isla Holbox.

Final words on Mexico as a safe travel destination

What is universal is to use your common sense when venturing into new areas of an unfamiliar country. Ask for advice for where to go and where to avoid from a hostel worker or a shopkeeper, they will be more than happy to help you enjoy their community.

5 thoughts on “Is Mexico a safe destination for solo female travelers?”

  1. Sharon Phillips

    I would like to add Playa del Carmen to your list. Recently spent 25 days as a solo woman traveler and I never felt scared, or worried. I will travel again by myself.
    Thanks Christy for your article, it’s got great reminders about traveling alone.

  2. I personally think that places are safe to go unless and until we end up doing something that can be avoided. Or In today’s age of social media, one can type a location and check the photos and message the person to ask about what they fell when they have visited.

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