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Why a 2-in-1 insect screen can save you money

Solar insect screen for window

When the temperatures begin to rise outside, several other things tend to rise along with it. Bugs that generally were missing during the cooler months seem to appear with a vengeance, and our electricity bills rise along with trying to keep our houses comfortable. There are plenty of energy-saving hacks that you can do, and probably have already done, to try and save on the increase in energy bills—but what about your window screens?

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Ah yes, window screens! There’s a surprising means to help cool your home and keep the bugs out. The solution is using the best 2-in-1 insect screen on the market today!

What’s a 2-in-1 insect screen?

A 2-in-1 insect screen combines the much-needed conventional use of window screens: keeping any windblown dirt, debris, and annoying insects out, and creating a barrier between your home and smaller critters. Then it combines technology that makes the same insect screen also a solar screen.

What’s a solar screen?

A solar insect screen consists of unique window screen material, usually a polyester weave with high durability and a PVC coating. They install outside of windows in the same manner as conventional window screens.

The difference between traditional window screens and solar screens is that the solar screens can block sunlight and the UV rays that often filter through traditional screens. Those UV rays and sunlight are responsible for generating a surprising amount of heat within your home. With the added 2-in-1 insect screen, up to 90% of those UV rays are blocked before they are filtered through the window.

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How it saves you money

One of the many ways that solar screens can save you money over the years is by reducing the amount of heat coming through your windows. Less heat inside your home means less you’re A/C unit or central A/C needs to run to keep your home cool.

The less your A/C runs, the less electricity you use. In some cases, homeowners who have installed 2-in-1 insect screens have noticed a drop of up to 30% less energy use.

Last, and most importantly, a 2-in-1 insect screen can save you the cost of dealing with UV damage inside your house. Constant exposure to unfiltered sunlight can fade and crack wood furniture, fade paint, and even fade carpet years faster than normal wear and tear.

By installing a 2-in-1 insect screen, you do more than only lower energy costs. This easy update also lessens the load of your A/C unit but helps prolong the beautiful decor inside your home too!


Photo used with permission by Quality Window Screen Co.

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