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9 tips for the solo female traveller going to Thailand

Going to Thailand

Safety is always something for women to keep in mind when travelling alone, whether it is to Thailand or anywhere else. In addition, there is a lot to plan and arrange for the getaway. Here are nine tips to ensure that your holiday in Thailand is one that you will remember for all the right reasons.

1. Make sure you have adequate insurance

You can find cheap health insurance online and also take out travel insurance that covers personal possessions and money. Of course, in order to visit Thailand, there is compulsory insurance that you will need, and this is available from the online insurer.

When in a foreign country, you are more likely to be a victim of pickpocketing, unfortunately, as the environment is new to you. So, it makes sense to take precautions.

Plus, sadly, many tourists come to Thailand, rent a motorcycle, and end up in a hospital with huge medical bills. If you take out health insurance, ensure it provides coverage for a medical emergency.

2. Going to Thailand? Do online research

You can learn a lot about Thai culture on the Internet that will enrich your future holiday experience. There are so many places of interest in this country and doing research prior to your arrival will save a lot of time when you arrive.

You might be planning on heading south to the tropical beaches of the islands, or perhaps you prefer the mountainous northern part of Thailand. Maybe you will take a Thai food tour along the streets or enjoy the beautiful parks.

3. Keep in touch with friends and family

Make a point of talking to someone at home every single day. Tell a trusted friend that if you don’t contact them, that means something unexpected has happened.

If, for example, you went trekking on your own and you got injured, who would know? If you set up a contact network, they will know something is wrong if you fail to make contact according to pre-agreements.

4. Team up with another solo traveler

Traveling alone when far from home can be a bit daunting and you might worry about safety. Joining an expat Facebook group in Thailand is an option, asking if any single female wants a travel companion.

This travel partner could become a longtime friend. If by some chance you don’t get along, you can go back to solo travelling.

5. Visas and going to Thailand

There are several options; most countries are able to get a visa on arrival, although this only gives you 30 days (with a further 15-day extension). The other option is to apply for a tourist visa at the Thai Embassy, which is valid for 60 days, with a further 30-day extension possible.

If you want to stay longer, you could study the Thai language at an accredited language school. Or, perhaps you will sign up for a course at a Muay Thai gym, or even study Buddhism.

6. Mosquitoes

Thailand has more than its fair share of mozzies, and most tourists use mosquito spray or cream. Try applying it at dawn and dusk.

Malaria is no longer a high risk in Thailand, although Dengue Fever is common and can transmit via mosquitoes. These aggressive little blood suckers seem to prefer foreign blood, so don’t be complacent. Otherwise, your holiday might be ruined.

Also, make sure that you understand and follow any relevant COVID-19 travel guidelines. They vary based on where you travel to and from, as well as change over time.

7. Find accommodation when going to Thailand

It is a good idea to book at least one night at a Bangkok hotel, but after that, you can find cheaper accommodation, depending on where you are going. Of course, you will have no issues finding a place to stay in tourist areas, but once you get outside of these areas, you will probably be better off searching online.

Every town and city in Thailand has small-budget hotels. Many of them will have an online presence where you can read reviews and find out more about them before making a booking to ensure it is reputable.

8. Trust your inner feelings

There might be times when you are unsure about your personal safety. Always follow your gut feeling or intuition when in this kind of scenario. In other words, if it doesn’t feel safe then don’t proceed or, if you are already in an unpredictable situation, leave it immediately.

Also, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return when you go off trekking alone.

9. Check with the Thai Embassy

Prior to booking your holiday in Thailand,  check with the Thai Embassy in your country regarding entry requirements for foreigners. Doing so will help ensure the visa application goes smoothly and without challenges.

Once you have your visa and book the flight, look forward to a memorable experience in the Land of Smiles.

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