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How to improve your business branding strategy

Business branding strategy

Branding is big when it comes to any business, whether it is online or brick-and-mortar. It helps tell your customers several key details about your organization, including its vibe, identity, purpose, and values. More than any of that, however, a brand is how your customers recognize you. You need a strong, striking branding strategy so your customers recognize you from the logo alone. If you want to improve the business branding strategy, then read on for actionable tips.

By the way, branding is more than just the logo. It is also more than how you set up your website or store. It is more than the tone of your communication too.

OK, onto the tips!

Business branding strategy tip: Clarify your professional identity

You need to be clear about who you are as a company. The goal here is for people to connect to your organization, much like they connect to one another.

That means crafting your company identity such that it feels like a person (abstract, yes, but still a person). To do so, use a genuine voice and actively interact with people online.

When you do that, you are on the right track to growing and fostering strong relationships with customers. People need to feel like they know your business, and the way to do that is by clarifying your values, vibe, and tone of voice.

A good way of strengthening your company’s voice is through media training workshops. Keep them in mind as part of your branding campaigns.

Use mood boards to pull together inspiration

Mood boards are a great way to pull together visual cues that work together. They also convey the persona you are crafting for your business.

People have assigned a lot of symbolism for everything from animals to colors. You can use that to get images that speak the right words to your customers in split seconds.

Craft templates to unify your efforts across the board

Templates are crucial to keeping uniform content. Creating a general template for things like a text image on social media all the way to an email will do wonders towards improving your business branding strategy.

This practice is particularly important in emails, as you have less overall control of the format beyond what loads up. Thankfully, HTML templates and a well-crafted email signature using Rocketseed can help you achieve your goals with ease.

Business branding strategy: Be unique on each platform

The biggest mistake any company can make when it comes to their branding is just copy-pasting the same promotional content over and over. Unfortunately, many organizations do so and copy text from their website to social media and email.

Instead, make your email marketing strategy unique from your Instagram, TikTok, and other social media strategies. Then, make it different from your SEO and PPC methods. They should feel like siblings or cousins when you lay out your strategy next to each other, but not identical.

All your efforts should fit into your brand’s family, but be something unique and independent to give your followers and customers value. Give them new experiences on each platform so they want to follow you across different networks and engage with you.

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