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4 design considerations when making a logo

Design considerations for logos

Your brand’s logo is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign, as it can provide a preview, accurate or not, of who your company is and what you offer. Logo creation can be an overwhelming and daunting task for business owners because your logo should catch people’s attention in a positive way and sum up your brand’s vibe. With easy and intuitive design software, even those without any logo-designing experience can create a compelling and memorable logo in no time at all by going to Learn four design considerations when making your logo below!

1. Keep things (relatively) simple

A logo that has too many things going on can feel overwhelming to viewers. It can potentially turn people away due to a poor first impression.

The best logos are simple and use blank space just as much as the spaces that are filled with shapes or words. When it comes to creating a design using a free logo maker online, less is almost always more.

2. Pick colors that align with your brand’s demeanor

Does your company provide natural wellness products? If so, green might be a good way to go to give off the vibe that your company is one with nature.

What if your organization is a law firm that promises to provide aggressive negotiations on behalf of its clients? Red is typically seen as an assertive color, and it may give off the idea that you will fight for your clients.

The color of the logo can often say more about a company than the actual shapes or text that is present on the logo. So, think about the demeanor you want to give off from your logo and choose colors that align with your goal.

3. More design considerations: Play around with different shades

Logos that attract attention often feature different shades of similar colors that provide some contrast, but still allows the logo to look cohesive as a whole. Black and white logos may not look as classy and refined as a logo that instead features a few shades of blue or gray.

If you are struggling to pick a color scheme, refer to Hubspot’s guide of color theory to learn more about how certain colors interact.

4. Think about where to put your logo

Will this logo only go on your website, or will you also put it on business cards? Would you ever consider putting it on coffee mugs or T-shirts as giveaways at company events? What about giving your employees a hoodie that features it?

Thinking ahead of time about all the places your logo may show up can help you create a logo that will look great on all of these possible items. After designing the logo, ask yourself, friends, family members, or employees whether they would want to wear a T-shirt or drink coffee out of a mug with this logo on it. The feedback can be extremely valuable.

Takeaway on design considerations

Creating a company logo used to always involve shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a professional designer. Now, you can create your own logo using easy and intuitive software.

That saves you lots of money and gives you more control to customize it. With an attractive logo that defines your organization well, you can look forward to continuing to grow your brand online and offline successfully.


Top photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

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