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Why Maui is a great destination for solo female travelers

Solo female travelers destination

People often think of Maui and, more generally, Hawaii as a romantic destination for couples, with long walks on golden beaches and stunning sunsets over the ocean. While this is true, it’s far from the whole story. Maui is also an excellent spot for solo female travelers to vacation! So, if you’re considering taking a trip alone when it is safe to do so on the other side of the pandemic, then put this stunningly beautiful island at the top of your to-see list. Here are four reasons why it’s a great destination for solo female travelers.

Why make Maui a destination for solo female travelers?

Here are four great reasons to head to Maui for your next solo trip! Remember, always plan ahead for the safest outing possible.

1. Many organized activities to join

If you hope to meet people and make new friends on the trip, the ideal way is by enjoying a wide range of activities organized for you in Maui. Some of the fun things you can participate in are:

  • Go on a scuba diving excursion
  • Link up with a snorkeling group
  • Attend an authentic Maui luaus
  • Join a walking tour of the island’s scenic nature reserves

There is a lot to choose from, and you’re bound to find something that interests you. There are even activities specifically aimed at female travelers, such as the Maui Surfer Girls surfing school, which has surf camps catering to women.

2. A low crime rate

Maui is a very laid-back destination and generally safe with its relatively low crime rate (with exceptions, as with any other place). You can expect that the best resorts in Maui have locations in the safest parts of the island, so you can feel confident about staying in a highly recommended hotel with glowing reviews.

Be aware, though, of the dangers of sunburn, the natural environment, and strong ocean currents. So, wear sunscreen, use good judgment when swimming, and dress appropriately on hikes. Stay on the marked trails, too, for your safety.

3. Easy to visit this destination as solo female travelers

If you already live in the US, Maui is easy for solo female travelers to visit when the guidelines allow for it during the pandemic. There’s no worry about having a current passport, taking a long flight alone, or exchanging currency.

If you’re already an English speaker, you can get along fine there too. Although if you can pick up a few words in Hawaiian, the locals will surely appreciate it!

Perhaps best of all, it feels like you are in a new country with Maui’s natural beauty, tropical climate, and unique culture. So, you truly get the best of both worlds.

4. Secluded spots to find true serenity

If you want to use your trip to find peace and quiet than meet people, that’s understandable. There are also plenty of opportunities to do so in Maui, another reason why it is a terrific destination for solo female travelers.

Among the top suggestions for those who are sightseeing alone in Maui are:

  • Relaxing on the pristine beaches with a good book
  • Driving along the famous road to Hana
  • Enjoying a pampering session at a spa
  • Hiking to the peak of Haleakala (the island’s tallest mountain) to watch the sunrise

Takeaway on Maui destination for solo female travelers

As you can see, Maui offers an endless variety of activities to do by yourself. Summer tends to be the busiest season, so travel during spring or fall to enjoy good weather without the crowds. Follow the latest health and safety guidelines, as well as COVID-related regulations.

Plan if you come from a different country to have your passport ready, along with other required documents. If entering the US by plane, you must be fully vaccinated.

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world? If Mexico is on your mind, read this guide for solo travel tips.


Top photo by Gabby K from Pexels

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  1. I have yet to ever travel alone, but this is good information to know. I think that I would feel safer in an organized group setting were I ever to do it. Maui sounds like a great place. We have only visited the Big Island of Hawaii.

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