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3 companies dedicated to empowering female travelers

Female travelers unite!

Hi, this is Kacey, talking about traveling, something that many people dream about. It’s exciting to see new places and experience different cultures, but only if you feel safe enough to be there. Women know the distinct worry that comes with solo travel for business or pleasure, and even exploration with other female travelers.

Other women have felt that worry and stepped up to change things for the better. More women are taking charge of major companies that influence the way other people travel. With the right help, women can feel free to go wherever they want, but how can you know which businesses have your best interest in mind?

Check out these top companies that are empowering female travelers. They’re creating new ways for women to see the world without stressing about their safety. See if they can help you achieve your traveling dreams this year so you can start checking destinations off your bucket list.

Evolution Treks for female travelers

Peru receives millions of tourists every year who experience Peruvian culture and see their historical sites. From Machu Pichu to the Inca Trail, you might be one of the many people who dream about standing at the top of the Andes Mountains and seeing the gorgeous views.

Before you recruit a group of friends to go with you, don’t count out solo travel. If you need guidance on a solo excursion, Evolution Treks can help.

This organization is a Peru-based company founded with female travelers in mind. They employ local women to guide hikers and provide everything you could need on the trail.

Some companies are known for not paying porters a fair wage and forcing them to work in unsafe conditions. Evolution Treks caters to their employees with organic products and locally sourced food, so their staff and the local community benefit from the increased tourism.3 companies dedicated to empowering female travelers


Colombia is another dream destination for many people, but it occassionally gets bad press in the media. 5Bogota wants people to know that everyone is safe and welcome in their country, especially female travelers.

Founded by two sisters and their mom, the company connects tourists with local chefs to give them a well-rounded cultural experience. Their all-female staff introduces visitors to new foods, dancing and even photography. They’re well known for their high-quality activities and tours, so there’s something for everyone who comes to Colombia.

Hello female travelers! Check out Girls Trip

The leaders of Girls Trip took travel to the next level when they founded their company. Based in Africa, they find unique African travel experiences and merge them with career opportunities.

In addition to outdoor excursions and tours, each Girls Trip itinerary offers ways for women to advance their professional dreams with unique mentorships. Their clients meet with female industry leaders and businesswomen who have climbed to the top of their field.

Every trip happens somewhere different and introduces young women to new professionals who teach them invaluable lessons on whichever career they want to learn more about. Inspiring, right?!

Find the right travel experience for you

Consider what you want from your next trip across the world. If you wish to travel and learn something new — or enhance your career — female-led companies want to empower you and make your next journey the best one yet.

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