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5 things to see in Peru you won’t want to miss

Things to see in Peru

Peru has to be among some of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. With a unique cultural history that is essentially a composite of old European colonial influences and ancient indigenous cultures, Peru offers travelers an experience unlike any other, whether you are a solo traveler, take a family trip or have another companion. If you still need some convincing, here are five things to see in Peru that will inspire you to make this spot the next getaway destination on your list.

1. Diverse landscapes are among the things to see in Peru

Peru is one of those South American countries that spans across several different types of climates and sub-climates. From tropical beaches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the mountainous peaks of the Andes, there is adventure to be found all throughout this diverse nation.

You can sled down the sand dunes of Huacachina or surf the waves of Huanchaco. The possibilities are virtually endless for the types of adventures you can experience in Peru.

2. World famous cuisine

The world, in general, has been discovering an appreciation for Peruvian cuisine in recent decades. Because of the variety of cultures that make up Peru, different palates from around the globe have inspired its cuisine.

Ceviche and cuy are just two of the more widely known dishes that you can enjoy in Peru, but there are plenty of incredible options to suit any taste, so don’t be afraid to sample some of this delicious food.

3. More things to see in Peru: Colorful culture

The traditional clothing of Peru isn’t the only aspect of its culture that is both lively and colorful. The pride that the locals have in their culture can be seen in various displays of traditional dance and music and felt in the warm and hospitable atmosphere that exists throughout the country.

The Peruvian culture, as it is today, is the product of the influence of a variety of different cultures. The result is a civilization that is both vibrant and enchanting.

4. Captivating history

The history of Peru is vast and captivating, and thankfully it has been preserved in the form of breathtaking monuments and architectural masterpieces located throughout the country. The ruins found at the monument of Machu Picchu offer visitors a look back in time.

The mysterious Nazca Lines have captured the imagination of many, as no one knows exactly how or why they were created. With so much history to explore, you might already be searching Peru vacation packages for more inspiration.

5. Experience the variety of Peru

The word “variety” is one that consistently comes to mind when one thinks of Peru. This is demonstrated perfectly in the different types of cities, towns, and villages located throughout the country.

The city of Lima is a modern and thriving metropolis that has a population of more than 10 million people. On the other hand, the town of Ollantaytambo in Southern Peur is more traditional and gives visitors a look at a more quintessential life in this country.

Along the coast are fishing villages and surfing towns, each with their own attractions to offer visitors. Up in the Andes, the traditions of ancient Peruvian cultures have been preserved and cherished throughout the centuries.

Do you plan to go to Peru one day? Or have you gone on a trip there already?

5 thoughts on “5 things to see in Peru you won’t want to miss”

  1. I have been to Peru and seen Mach Picchu. It’s fabulous!
    Cuzco was fab, and so was Nazca.
    Lima is an experience all on its own. Loved it all!
    Biggest avocados I have ever seen in my life!

    1. I have several close friends going on a group trip to Machu Picchu this year and it sounds fabulous! I’d love to go one time :) Ohhhh big avocados!!

  2. Christy, it sounds like a wonderful diverse county and I’m coming across a few articles about Peru and South America in posts recently and becoming increasingly tempted to visit! 😀 It would be a trip of a lifetime! 😀

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