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How to personalize your home interior

Personalize your home interior

While staying current on home decor trends and interior designers is helpful when it comes to your own place, it might feel like your home feels a little bland or impersonal. Although neutral tones can look great on furnishings, walls, and accessories, you might end up missing the more individual touches that truly make a home feel like your own. If you’re wondering how to personalize your home interior, here are three great ideas to inspire you.

Display your favorite photos

Photographs are a fun, simple way to bring a personal element into any part of the house. How you arrange the snapshots can be as complex or simple as you like.

You may simply want to display family photographs in frames on the mantel or side table, for example. Or, get a little more creative with a gallery wall and other customized items, such as fridge magnets or cushions that feature your pics on them.

It can be tempting to put up every single picture you love, but that can overwhelm a room. Instead, try rotating photos every few months to bring a fresh look to a room while simultaneously keeping different memories close to you.

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Personalize your home interior with items made from old clothes

If you’re like most people, you have piles of old clothing that you no longer wear or fit into but cannot bear to part with them. I just told my hubby this morning about some shirts he has in the closet that he hasn’t worn in over a year!

It can be hard to part with items that you associate with special memories, so it’s understandable that you hang onto them. Yes, that includes tops and other clothing!

Instead of just leaving them to collect dust in the closet, why not make them part of the home by repurposing them? That’s a custom project if ever I heard of one.

For example, put special items on display in a frame to capture the moment that the outfit was worn. I want to do that with my wedding veil.

Another great idea is to turn old clothing into new pieces like these quilts from This is a great way to add a comforting element to your TV room or bedroom. It also reuses materials for an eco-friendly approach.

Create a chalkboard wall

Finally, a chalkboard wall is a terrific way to personalize your home interior. Plus, it’s easy to update whenever you want to, and there are countless ways to do so.

Creating an entire wall like that involves painting it in specially formatted chalkboard paints. Then, write and draw on it. Simply wipe it clean when you want to put a new design on it.

It doesn’t have to be a full wall, of course. You may simply want to dedicate a small area, such as a part of a kitchen.

All ages and members of the family can use the chalkboard area. Encourage children to decorate them freely and keep the rest of the home safe from unwanted scribbles. There are lots of colorful chalks out there.

You may also want to use your chalkboard to make practical reminders, such as shopping lists or note down important dates. Another idea is to decorate it with unique quotes that inspire and uplift you every day. Get great quotes from your favorite books, songs, and movies.

What are some other ways to personalize your home interior?

16 thoughts on “How to personalize your home interior”

  1. Making items out of used clothing is such a good idea. The repurposed item can be enjoyed in an entirely new way. My thoughts went to quilts, pillows, and the rag rugs that were so common in years past. Even a new coat of paint on a wall can refresh and personalize a home.

  2. I really enjoyed this post on personalising your home, Christy. It’s something I’ve taken a liking to over the years. Really like the idea of repurposing old clothes or clothes you don’t wear anymore – such as small and large cushions. I find that my style and personal taste changes over the years, and so over the years I’ve decorated my home in different ways. In the past I liked bolder colours but these days I prefer more cooler, muted tones and love the concept of minimalism where things on display either have a place, function or meaning behind it :)

    1. I’ve grown to like the minimalistic style too, Mabel. Thanks for pointing out too that our tastes change over time so the way we personalize the interior now won’t necessarily still please us in 5 years. Great to see you blogging again xo

  3. It is so important to use old clothes wisely, and decorating with them is a fab idea. It is heart stopping to see how much old clothing is clogging up dumps. Fast Fashion has exasperated this problem, because there is very little recycling ability for fabrics with ANY synthetics in them.
    Me,I make Art Gowns with some of it. Another idea I’d love to do, that I haven’t seen around for years, is make rag rugs. The worst of the worst synthetics are perfect for this. xo

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