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How to update your home with tropical designs

Tropical design ideas at home

Are you bored of looking at the same walls and interiors every day? Wondering how to update your home? Tropical designs are trending, and here are ways to get on board with the latest ideas for a vacation feel without having to go anywhere.

On interior design

Redoing homes is a big task and requires a lot of money. So, instead, stick to easy ways to change up the interior design to freshen up the vibe. Remember to stay within your budget and plan ahead so you get the look you want.

One way to achieve the look with minimal stress is using peel and stick wallpapers. Confused about how to begin? Researching removable wallpaper online is an excellent place to start, especially if you stay in a rented property and are not allowed to make too many changes.

Below, let’s discuss tropical trends in home interiors. You’ll find some tips as to how you can incorporate tropical vibes in your home.

What are tropical designs?

If you have ever been to a tropical beach, you know there are plenty of greens, blues, and browns with all of the trees, serene waters, soothing beaches, and lovely skies. The combination of colors and atmosphere renders a sense of calm and relaxation that you will not find anywhere else.

This sense of peacefulness is one of the reasons tropical beaches are a holiday paradise irrespective of age. It also explains the popularity of tropical designs.

The biggest advantage of tropic-inspired interior design is that it is very flexible. Whether you want to go all out and have bright walls or want to incorporate a few simple accents, tropical interiors are doable to every style and taste.

The color palette is also quite varied. You can combine a range of shades of green, blue, yellow, red, and brown.

So, how how to update your home tropical-style?

Start with the walls

The interior walls are like a blank canvas, which is great. You can play with different colors, patterns, and textures.

There are many options available, such as paint, wall decals, and wallpaper. Be sure to choose the one that fits your budget, time constraints, and skill level. If you are looking for a low-cost method or cannot repaint the residence (renters might have this limitation),  consider using peel and stick wallpapers.

For example, palm leaf peel and stick wallpaper is an evergreen trend for tropical designs. These wallpapers are available in various colors and designs, from bright and busy to simple and timeless.

These wallpapers are easy to install. It’s fun to DIY, and this one is a great example.

Don’t worry either about what happens when you need to take them down. It’s easy. The wallpapers come off effortlessly and don’t leave any yucky residue behind. So, your walls underneath are as good as new if you decide to remove the wallpaper in future years if you redecorate the room.

Choose accessories with tropical designs

Working with a tropical theme is pretty easy, especially when it comes to accessories. Adding a lot of plants is a simple way to bring tropical vibes into your home.

Many interior experts suggest adding accessories made of natural materials, such as rattan, jute, and bamboo, to create a more tropical feel indoors. For example, you might add baskets made of jute to the room to hold pillows, throws, magazines, or even your smart devices.

When planning to buy new furniture and upholstery, focus on items made of the natural materials mentioned above. You can even get tropical printed furniture, upholsteries, and draperies to add to the tropical vibe.

Or, simply add table lamps with tropical prints on their shades for a more tropical feel. Finally, adding huge murals or bright paintings will complete the look of your room if you have an empty wall.

Conclusion on tropical designs in the home

Incorporating a tropical vibe into your home when upgrading isn’t difficult if you know what to look for. It’s not very expensive either to update the interior when you plan ahead and choose budget-friendly options like palm leaf peel and stick wallpaper. I hope you enjoy bringing the outdoors in and feeling like you have a vacation home all the time!

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  1. Tropical colours are great, and much more the feeling. But honestly, if I walked out the door here, then I would probably get the culture shock of my life if I lived in a tropical ambience. Lol (Sorry, little joke!) Michael

  2. I love this. It’s probably the complete antithesis to my dark horror ex-goth-still-a-goth-in-spirit but I love orange, lime green, and purple! Would love to have a 50s kitschy tiki theme!

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