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Drew Barrymore takes on interior design

Drew Barrymore interior design

This inspiring and sensational lady, known for the booming acting career, has turned her passion towards bohemian flair style into a dazzling free-spirited collection of furniture and home accessories. Yes, Drew Barrymore is into interior design now too!

Entrepreneur Drew Barrymore

Her love for adventure, vintage charm, and bohemian chic made her create a completely majestic home décor line called Flower Home and partner up with Walmart where you will find all the things from her stunning collection.

The Hollywood actress has already launched a cosmetic line, but the desire to conceal her flashing TV screen made her unleash her creativity. The result is captivating home décor line that features a mix of furniture, curtains, textiles, wall art, ceramics and more, all driven by her travels and an ecstatic mix of lush colors and patterns.

The story behind it all

Every single home has at least two TV screens, but when we are woken up with a flashy screen and when that seemingly black box occupies the décor, the feeling of agitation may arise. Drew simply didn’t want her flat screen to impede her loving bedroom area.

She just noted that it takes away the feminity from the room. So, what can be done? A perfect idea arose in Drew’s mind, and she just went to Etsy, ordered a mundane hanging piece of art, got engaged in her very own crafty project, and voilà!

She just did some skillful home hack and managed to hide her bedroom TV behind fantastic art. And we are all grateful to it since now everybody can get a piece of her creation at Walmart sites and spruce up their home with stylish furniture.

The labor of love

Decorating her home has always been Drew’s passion. And whenever she managed to find the time, she always tried to create a new piece of art that will suit her taste and her home.

By focusing on making her home a better and more comfortable place to live in, we know that she designs all her creations with love, care, and appreciation. It may be hard to find quality hardwood flooring to place and match perfectly with the wall color, mesmerizing curtain, and unique ceramics.

But Drew Barrymore does that with ease, and it is all due to her love for creating joyful spaces where people will encounter unexpected prints and patterns, shapes and styles that can easily come together in the most bedazzling way.

She said, “My new collection of furniture and home décor is inspired by this passion and I hope it inspires everyone to make themselves at home.”

Flower Home
Items from Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home collection. Screenshot via Walmart.

The 3 must-haves

Drew Barrymore Flower Home represents high-quality, elegant, on-trend home assortment with pieces that every single contemporary lady must have. Her goal was to make a beautiful home possible for everyone. Some of the top-notch pieces from her latest collection are the following:

The amazing velvet track arm sofa that can easily blend with any home style that you may have. The plush velvet sofa can be paired with floral cushions, due to its neutral textures.

Another favorite is the unique multi-tier metal accent table that gives off completely retro vibes with its curved design and metal makeup. It has three different opportunities for storage and display, making it ideal for storing newspaper.

Let’s not forget about the vivacious multi-colored abstract framed wall art piece that she is absolutely proud of. This affordable wall art can be matched with any space and it will automatically draw in all the accent colors that your boho-chic living space may have.

Furnish your home with something affordable, totally ravishing and inviting. Drew Barrymore has really topped herself up this time by creating this exuberant flowery collection.

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Top image credit: Screenshot via Walmart.

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