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What is a healthy body fat percentage for women?

Healthy body fat percentage in women

Body fat percentage is one of the prime indicators of health. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a popular metric to measure body fat percentage. While many experts say that BMI might not be an accurate measure of body fat percentage, maintaining body fat percentage within limits is essential for good health. Excess body fat can contribute to heart and kidney problems, and trigger hormonal imbalances. Use the info below to get a better idea of what is a healthy body fat percentage for women and simple tips to help maintain a healthy percentage.

Changes and what you can do

There are many reasons for changes in body fat, by the way. If you’re on a weight-loss journey, you might find that your weight goes down (congrats!) but your fat percentage increases (ug!). You also might notice fluctuations over the years as a part of the aging process.

Fortunately, many practices and lifestyle changes can help you maintain healthy levels of body fat. Those who want to control their body fat percentage are moving towards healthier food options. Oats, for example, are whole grains with plenty of fiber; they raise your energy for working out while burning excess fat.

Why focus on body fat percentage in women specifically?

The body fat percentage in women is more than in men by nature’s design. This fat helps women in their pregnancy and lactation.

Body fat can be dangerous to health, though, when it goes beyond a certain level. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, body fat is an important metric to assess one’s risk for weight-related diseases. Hence, it is vital to keep these levels in control through various measures.

The healthy levels of body fat percentage in women of various ages are as follows:

  • 20-39 years – 21%-32%
  • 40-59 years – 23%-33%
  • 60-79 years – 24%-35%

With age, women typically start to lose muscle mass too. That results in a slower metabolism. Genes and hormones can also trigger imbalances in water levels and increase body weight. All these together can induce health risks in women with time.

How to maintain a healthy body fat percentage?

The first step is knowing the optimal range, as listed above. Having levels too high or low can lead to unwanted health conditions over time if nothing is done to combat it. Here are some ways to maintain a healthy body fat percentage:

1. Shift to a healthier menu

Junk food, greasy burgers, and high-fat ice cream can be tasty. But the way they shoot up the body fat percentage is horrifying. For the sake of your body fat percentage, start adding healthy food options to your daily menu.

Today, we have a wide variety of healthy food all around us. Superfoods may bring down fat levels and reduce obesity. You can incorporate such foods in your meals in numerous ways that taste great too.

2. Consume healthier drinks

Although some beverages look healthy, they can dump empty calories into the body without even noticing it. Switch to healthier drinks, such as natural probiotics, plain water, coconut water, and fresh fruit juices without added sugar.

Also, try to hold back on the sugar in your coffee. Or, better yet, drink green tea to boost your metabolism.

3. Weight training for a healthy body fat percentage

Weight training and other types of strength training can burn calories even after a workout session ends. For those who want to lose weight, weight training is a must. Begin with minimal weight and keep moving to the next levels under a trainer’s guidance.

Moreover, weight training prevents muscle loss. As you build muscle through a safe routine, you’ll burn fat and be more likely to stay within the range for a healthy body fat percentage for women of your age.

4. Increase protein intake

A healthy and wholesome high-protein eating plan keeps cravings in control. Protein also prevents the loss of muscle mass, which is common as we age.

As we understood by now, loss of muscle mass with age is another reason for a high-fat percentage. Hence, begin a balanced, protein-dense diet to kickstart your weight-loss journey as soon as you can. Nuts, sprouts, fat-free dairy, eggs, seafood, lean meat, and soy are good protein sources.

5. Get more quality sleep

A lack of sleep can trigger changes in hormones that affect hunger and stress. It can lead to eating more comfort foods rich in carbohydrates and fat. Continuing in this way can increase body fat and worsen the situation in already obese people.

To avoid such circumstances, quality sleep is essential. According to researchers, a seven-hour quality sleep sped up the weight loss results by 33 percent in women.

Thus, getting quality sleep is a priority for people who want a healthy body fat percentage. Avoid caffeine a few hours before you go to bed to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, stay away from screens at night and keep your dinner light. Mild-to-moderate exercise during the day helps in promoting sleep without disturbances too.

Conclusions on healthy body weight percentage in women

An optimal level of body fat percentage is crucial for better health. Particularly in women, the risk of body fat is high.

Eating the foods mentioned above, including specially grown mushrooms, can cut down body fat. Also, weight training, quality sleep, and staying away from caffeine at night can help you maintain a healthy fat percentage.

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