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Female strength training: 3 benefits to motivate you to start

Female strength training

There have long been some misinformed ideas surrounding female strength training. Back in the day, there was the sexist view that we are too weak to pick up weights and take part in strength training. Then, once it became clear this was absurd, another myth came about. It was decided that those who lifted weights would end up looking overly muscular and turn into the female equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ironically, this mentality is still the reason why some women shy away from strength training. Well, this isn’t an issue, as females have naturally lower levels of testosterone than males, inhibiting the amount of muscle we can grow.

Now that the myth had been put to rest, here are three great benefits of adding strength training to your fitness routine that will have you starting it today. Please note that getting your doctor’s approval before changing the way you workout is always recommended!

1. Improve strength

Obviously, a key reason to take up strength training is so you become physically stronger. This is incredibly beneficial for all females; you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from having a stronger body.

Regular tasks are made much easier for you when you’re physically strong. Something simple like carrying your shopping bags from the car to the kitchen is no longer an arduous task, for example.

You become more independent as you don’t need people to help you lift items around the house or the office either. It’s good to be strong, and your life will definitely improve from it. You can’t get strong without proper strength training equipment so you should definitely get some professional gear before starting out!

2. Female strength training and cancer risks

Strength training has also proven to be related to a lower rate of many common diseases. Did you know that higher physical activity correlates with a lower risk of certain kinds of cancer? Colon, breast, and bladder cancers are some of the types.

This relationship largely is because of the effect female strength training has on the body and nervous system. This training regime builds muscle, which in turn can improve your metabolism and allow you to lose weight.

A lot of women that undergo breast cancer treatment will, unfortunately, be at risk because of being overweight and inactive. These are two of the biggest risk factors for breast cancer, and susceptibility can lessen by taking up regular exercise.

3. Boost self-confidence

Strength training can also make you feel a lot more confident in yourself. It is empowering to know that you can lift heavy weights! The mental high of reaching a goal is a big one. Always make sure you follow safe techniques as you do so; ask the gym staff for help or hire a trainer to show you the proper techniques.

The positive changes you start to see in your body will also go a long way toward helping you feel more self-confident. This translates into the personal and professional areas of life, helping both.

As you begin to carry yourself with more confidence and assurance, it can open lots of new doors to various job opportunities. The simple fact is that being strong and undergoing female strength training unleashes your potential!

Final words on female strength training

You see, strength training isn’t just for guys. If you’ve been shying away from the weights area at home or at the gym (before they closed…), then perhaps it’s time to start now.

It can be a bit daunting – particularly as loads of men always crowd around the weights area – but it’s well worth getting up the courage to try it. At home, there’s no one to fear being judged by and there are plenty of YouTube videos that can guide you through proper form and technique.

Start adding strength training to your fitness routine if you want to improve both your body and mind! Always consult your doctor before making changes to your exercise plan, and be safe.

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