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Bride’s dress fitting: How to fit the dress for the big day

First dress fitting

If you’re planning your big day, chances are you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s a lot of responsibility to take on and it’s easy to get caught up in the supposed importance of everything running smoothly. Of course, it’s important to remember that, as long as you’re organized, everything should go well. Even if there is a hiccup here and there, it’s really not the end of the world. One area that you can get out of the way pretty early on in the process is ensuring that get a seamstress to fit the dress to you. Here’s more about the first dress fitting and other areas to focus on in advance of the big day.

First dress fitting: To fit the dress how you want it

The wedding dress is usually a big part of the wedding day. Making sure the dress fits tends to be an area of stress for many gals. There’s always a few soon-to-be brides purposefully buying dresses a few sizes too small as a motivator to lose weight and fit their gown in time for the big day.

But why put this kind of pressure on yourself? If you want to lose weight for health purposes, that’s fine. But you should buy a dress that’s easily alterable and ensure that you have someone in mind for the first dress fitting and to make adjustments closer to the big day.

Generally speaking, though, there really is no need to try to drastically change your appearance before your wedding. Have confidence in yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin and buy a dress that simply fits you properly. This will prove a whole lot less stressful and more comfortable for you!

The ring

You got a beautiful round-cut diamond engagement ring, and you love it. Now you want to find a matching wedding band, which could be ruby, rose gold ring with an engraving, or another type.

Whatever ring you opt for, you really do need to make sure that it fits correctly. The last thing you want is it being so loose that it easily goes over the finger and falls off! Make sure you include it in your insurance, just in case.

Take time choosing a ring you love. After all, you’ll be wearing this for your whole married life. You don’t want it to be tight and uncomfortable every day, but at the same time you want to avoid risking it slipping off by having it too loose. Find more ring shopping tips in this guide.

Wear the shoes to the first dress fitting

Most of us purchase a special pair of shoes to wear with our wedding dress. Make sure they fit – and are comfortable too.

You’ll be standing in them for hours as it’s a long day! You don’t want them to rub or cause you pain.

Make sure you have them before the first dress fitting, by the way, rather than later. That way the seamstress knows how to hem the dress right for how it will be for length with the shoes on. Makes sense, right?

You may even need to wear them in a little to get them really comfortable for the big day.

Final words on a good fit

These are the main things that you need to make sure fit for your wedding day as the bride. Being prepared can help to prevent problems and help you feel more comfortable!

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