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Dealing with breakups and marriage issues

Marriage issues

We are currently living in very difficult times and life is very trying. We are constantly seeing rises in marital breakdowns, and violence in a relationship is never okay. If you feel alone and like you are at the start of a breakup of your marriage or long-term relationship, what should you do?

About domestic violence

There are many types of domestic violence, and it is important that you speak to someone you trust about the situation about what is going on. Domestic violence may not necessarily mean physical violence; it can be mental pressures too and mental abuse which can cause a lot of emotional problems for both sexes.

No matter what is going on within your marriage, talking to a friend, therapist, or even a lawyer can be very helpful. It can be best to talk to a domestic violence attorney to assess your situation as well as offer valuable advice relating to your relationship and what are your options.

If you think that this is something that is happening to you or someone you know, look for the following signs:

Signs & issues

  • Delayed or inappropriate emotional development – they may be overly emotional, with heightened emotions and stress.
  • Loss of self-confidence or self-esteem – feeling worthless or unhappy about their look.
  • Social withdrawal or a loss of interest or enthusiasm – not wanting to see friends or be part of things as they would usually.
  • Depression – being unhappy with life and struggling with daily tasks.
  • Avoidance of certain situations – may be social or something that may prevent them from leaving their partner.
  • Desperately seeking affection – from others, friends, or a family member even.
  • Constant worry about doing something wrong – maybe this is relating to their job or their personal life.
  • Speech problems – this may be struggling to find the right words to say or how to express themselves well around others.
  • Depression and anxiety – anxiety can play a huge part and so this is something to look out for when you are worried about someone suffering or if you’re personally going through this.
  • Doing poorly at work – finding work difficult and being unable to keep up with tasks and chores at work.
  • Extreme behavior – being too overly stressed, angry, emotional, snapping easily, and generally finding life difficult.
  • Headaches and stomachaches – anxiety and stress can affect the body physically and these symptoms can easily manifest.

Taking steps

Now is not the time to suffer in silence, for your own safety, and for kids, if you have any. Be sure to reach out to others as well as find online resources for guidance and support during challenging times in our world.

You are stronger than you may realize! Life is difficult currently but measures are being taken to get through the COVID-19 outbreak. But the issues of marital abuse or violence will not pass and will only become more serious.

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