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4 home-based business ideas to start today

Home-based business ideas

Is starting a home-based business amidst the COVID-19 isolation something that you are considering? If so, keep reading for ideas.

Working in coronavirus times

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually everyone across the globe. What was once normal everyday life is now a distant memory for many folks.

With many countries imposing partial or total lockdowns, everyone is limited to what they can do outside of their homes. As you can imagine, some people’s employment status has also been affected. But, there is a silver lining: starting a home-based business!

You may not realize it but there are dozens, even hundreds of ways to earn money while you’re stuck at home. Here are some of the best home-based business ideas that will work right now and beyond the current situation:

1. Home-based business: Offer online tutoring

With many schools currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are plenty of kids at home not really doing anything. Their schools may have organized some online tasks for pupils to complete each week, but that doesn’t include much tutoring and guidance.

Parents are no doubt concerned that their offspring may struggle to learn about subjects during their absence from school. If you’re a qualified teacher, one thing you could do is offer online tutoring services.

All you need is a computer, webcam, and a reliable Internet connection. You can work through tasks with pupils, helping them to understand subjects and learn while they are at home.

Take a look at this article from to give you some inspiration and help you to get started.

2. Health and beauty products

If you enjoy sampling the latest cosmetics products and have vast experience and knowledge on the subject, why not sell those products to other people? You can sell health and beauty products online via social media or through a website like Amazon.

You can also use social media to give video reviews of the products that you sell. That way, you increase consumer confidence in what you’re selling. is a good website to find out more about how you can get started.

3. More home-based business ideas: Image editing

Most people have a desktop or laptop computer in their homes. Some of those folks will have precious photographic memories that they want to enhance, perhaps to send as gifts to their loved ones.

Of course, it’s highly likely many of those people don’t have the skills and software to improve photographs. Especially if they aren’t in a digital format. With that in mind, you can offer those people image editing services and carry out the work from your residence.

You may even wish to offer complementary services such as photo printing onto canvas or posters. What’s good about that is you can outsource those services so no expensive investments are needed from your part.

4. Web design

If you know your HTML from your HTTP, you may wish to consider offering web design services from the comfort of your home. You might wonder if there’s any demand in such a service, given that people could use DIY services such as

The thing is, people that are serious about setting up a trusted and profitable brand want an online presence that is unique to their business. They also don’t want to rely on a third-party hosted website service that could potentially shut down at any time!

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