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3 clever ways to use auctions as a business

ways to use auctions in business

Auctions have been around for centuries and they present an interesting concept. Something is put up for sale, and many different people fight to acquire it. Typically, we think of these events from a customer’s perspective. With sites like eBay, it’s easy to go online and buy goods at an auction for a cheaper price than usual. However, when we stop to think about it, a business can make good use of this type of model. Here are three ways to use auctions as a business owner.

1. Cheaper supplies

Many auctions present a fantastic chance for businesses to acquire cheaper supplies. This statement is particularly true for manufacturing companies that may be looking for spare parts or materials.

This concept relates to other businesses too. You can save money by winning an auction for a load of office chairs, for example.

The very nature of auctions means there’s never a set price, so there’s always a chance to snag a bargain. Don’t do the same thing all the time, though, as you might lose some of the bids and waste time. In other words, pick and choose when you entertain them!

2. Using auctions as new way of selling

Likewise, businesses can use auctions as another avenue for selling goods. Some companies do this on eBay, setting up accounts and selling used products on the online platform.

It can be a smart way for you to get rid of stock that customers return to you or that you need to get rid of without worrying about the price. Auctions can, potentially, help you cater to a different faction of your target audience.

They’re a place for people who are savvy with their money to finally buy your goods. Obviously, you’ll still operate your normal stream of revenue, but now you have a clever way of offloading extra stock and pre-owned or returned items.

3. A new way of acquiring customers

Initially, this point looks the exact same as the previous one. However, there’s a very big difference between the two. Here, you use auctions to bid on different jobs.

It sounds strange, but as you can see at, these types of auctions exist. Well, they’re sometimes referred to as “job boards,” but they function like an auction.

Clients submit different jobs online, waiting for companies to bid on them. The client will accept the lowest bid, giving that business the job.

As you can imagine, it’s a brilliant way of finding new clients regularly. This style of “job searching” is usually found in the freelance domain.

You’ll often see people posting writing jobs online, then a bunch of content writing companies or individuals fight over them. Either way, you can see how your organization can use auctions to possibly uncover new customers.

The beauty of it is that you may find a customer this way. They might love your business so much that you enter into a regular partnership!

Conclusion on ways to use auctions

In summary, don’t underestimate the value of auctions for your business. They are an effective way to save money on supplies, open up a new method of selling goods, and introduce your business to potential customers. If you’re looking to try something different this year, taking advantage of auctions could be a wise step.

8 thoughts on “3 clever ways to use auctions as a business”

  1. Hmm, interesting.
    I’ve looked for auction sites to sell clothes from movies. Haven’y had much luck, but think I’ll give it another go!

  2. Some great tips. I’d only thought of auctions for selling items rather than acquiring them and I hadn’t even thought of clients on job boards as a type of auction before. xx

  3. For sure a great idea, Christy! In the past i had used auctions some times, for sorting out things i never wanted to use again, and getting money much more easier. ;-) Thank you for remembering on this. Funding a business on auctions could be very interesting too, because now online sales are coming up here too. Michael

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