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Dermadry Total: Iontophoresis machine review

Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine review

If you have excessive sweating of the armpits, hands, or feet, you don’t have to suffer from it forever. Instead, you can take action so that you feel more comfortable. But, how? I tested out the Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine and the review here tells you all about my experience. It is for any of those three conditions. I used it for overactive armpits that seem to sweat for no reason, which is embarrassing if I’m out in public. Here are my thoughts on the anti-sweat device.

Disclosure: I received this product for free in return for an honest review of my experience.

What is the Dermadry iontophoresis machine?

This machine is made specifically to combat excessive sweating. Persperation is a necessary function to regulate body temperature. But, it can be the case that you are like me and sweat a lot from my armpits, apparently for no reason. For example, you’re not running a marathon but instead just working at your desk or washing the dishes.

If you have generalized hyperhidrosis, it could show up as sweating a lot. Maybe you are sweaty in the armpits, or it’s your feet or hands that seem to produce too much persperation.

To help you feel more comfortable and dry, Dermadry created the iontophoresis machine. I was given on by the company in return for doing a review. Did I need it? Yes.

I sweat from my armpits for no reason

It was concerning to me that I seemed to sweat unnessarily and stained several t-shirts. I began to wear more black, which isn’t like me because I typically wear at least one pink thing each day. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with pink!

But the point of my wearing black was to conceal the sweating armpits. It’s not that I even felt I smelled but it was the look of it. Worrying about putting up my arms because of the embarrassing marks that it would reveal on my shirts was not much fun.

So, it was time to regain control over my body. When I heard about the Dermadry anti-sweat device system, I was curious if it could help me.

My thoughts: Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine review

The Dermadry Total kit for at-home use comes with everything you need to start using it. The look is similar to a clear briefcase. Inside it is a detailed booklet, the cables, machine, soaking pads, and more.

I followed instructions in the booklet specifically for the underarms. There are also instructions in the Dermadry Total for feet and hands, if you want to get help with excessive sweating for either of those.

I was a little scared by the book! The system uses electrical currents and soak pockets in tap water before applying them to my undearms. Anything electrical touching the body makes me feel uneasy.

But then I read on before my first session, and what I read eased my mind. It’s the only tap water iontophoresis machine that Canada has awarded a medical device license. It also has rave reviews from hundreds of people for combating excessive sweating of the underarms, hands, or feet.

Anti-sweat device; I sweat from my armpits for no reason
Me using the Dermadry anti-sweat device for my armpits. Photo by Christy Birmingham-Reyes.

Me, determined

OK, so I was determined to try using it for my armpits. As directed in the booklet, I soaked the pads in water.

I was overworried about whether they were wet enough so I doused them in water. Oops. When I tucked the cables into wet pockets and put them under my armpits (after removing my deodorant), I felt water running down my skin and tanktop.

OK, too much water. I used less on the next session that I used the anti-sweat device.

On the first session, I also made another mistake. I put the pockets on wrong. They need to go sideways; I had them in the wrong direction.

For the second session, I was a pro. I had the right amount of dampness, placed them correctly under the armpits, and knew how to use the digital device to time it and change the power level, if needed.

I did six sessions in total, which is advised for a beginner. Also, I spaced the sessions out over two weeks.

More about what I think: Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine review

OK, here is what you are likely also wondering: Does it work?

In my experience, yes. It has reduced the sweating. If I have to estimate, I would say by one-third.

I will add, though, that I did have a minor side effect. There was an itchiness in my left armpit during the first session. I believe this was because my body was not used to the electrical current. The power is low but, still, it was something new for my body.

I like the countdown of the controller so I can see how much time is left during a particular session. Plus, I can easily pause it at any time. I can stop it for two minutes and then resume the treatment.

It is also great that I don’t have to leave home to do this. Being comfortable at home, especially during the pandemic, is important to me.

Finally, I like that the Dermadry Total iontophoresis machine is non-invasive and non-surgical. It is also very straightforward to use. As I mentioned earlier, by the second session I felt like I knew what I was doing.

I am glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried the anti-sweat device from Dermadry.

2 thoughts on “Dermadry Total: Iontophoresis machine review”

  1. Wow, what will they think of next?
    Christy, my face sweats very easily, especially during exercise. Yes, more than any other part of my body, my face glows and glows. I have been told that botox can stop this. However, I’m not into injections, or stopping facial expressions!
    If ever, though, something of this nature comes onto the market I may (with certain trepidation) give it a try. Until then I’ll keep using my fan… which I secretly love to use!!!

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