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Organic tampons: Here are big reasons to switch

Organic tampons for periods

As a woman, you use pads or tampons monthly. With that said, have you ever sat down and actively considered what the typical tampons are made of? While many adults are focus on eating organic and healthy, there’s much less concern put on organic cotton pads and tampons. You probably assume that all tampons are safe to use, but is that true? As you think more about what you are putting in your body, you’ll begin to understand the importance of organic “subscription tampons” for that time of the month.

This environmental concern is why the Tampon Tribe has made it their mission to provide women with a safer option during their menstrual periods. Read on to learn more about why making the switch to organic makes sense, and let go of toxic chemicals for a healthier lifestyle.

What are organic tampons made of?

They use organic cotton and no bleach or pesticides. That is in comparison to the mix of cotton, plastic, and a mix of rayon that is typical for regular tampons. After knowing what your regular tampon is made of, you won’t want to have it in your private parts.

As a matter of fact, most regular tampons are derived from the cotton of traditional farming methods. Hence, you can expect it to carry traces of pesticides, wood pulp (bleached), and several other unpleasant things.

The synthetic fiber of regular tampons contains a small amount of dioxin as well. While they are trace amounts of dioxin, it is still a concern. Why? The tampons touch vaginal tissue covered with membranes that lead to reproductive organs.

Now, speaking about organic cotton tampons, the cotton of these tampons is derived from purely organic farms. This approach is an effective way to insert fewer chemicals inside your body and adapt a healthier lifestyle choice.

What are benefits of using organic tampons?

Mild traces of dioxin are an essential part of most regular tampons. This is also the main cause of upgrading organic tampons made of 100% organic cotton.

According to the World Health Organization, the inclusion of bleached rayon in regular tampons is highly toxic. However, don’t freak out at this point since the dioxin traces’ exposure in regular tampons is extremely low. Still, think about the number of tampons most women wear during their lifetime! Those small amounts can add up over the long term.

That’s why making safer, healthier life choices includes thinking about switching to organic pads and tampons. That’s one way to get there.

Minimum exposure to toxins

With 100% organic tampons, you avoid exposure to pesticides that are commonly in non-organic ones. The fundamental difference between organic and non-organic tampons lies in their levels of safety.

The regular tampons are not overtly dangerous, though. Instead, they are quite safe to use according to the monthly needs. However, there is still the risk of bacterial growth if the tampons contain pesticides, which cannot be ruled out. Plus, there’s the dioxins discussed earlier too.

But, with the use of organic tampons, there is no risk that pesticides or other chemicals might reach your body. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, which includes during your period.

The environment and organic cotton tampons

Lastly, they are beneficial for the environment as well. They are more eco-friendly and good for nature than their regular counterparts.

You will also be supporting organic farming with the purchase of plastic-free tampons. The purchases you make can make a positive difference on the planet and on those who are trying to do good with eco-friendly businesses.

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