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Talking period pain: Natural remedies for cramps

Natural remedies for cramps

Many women find their period to be days of misery because of painful cramps. Every month it’s like clockwork that the period pain arrives and doesn’t let up for days. It can make life extremely uncomfortable. Knowing they are coming, you can try to ease the pain by taking some measures. There are several natural remedies for cramps that can help you get back to living your best life free from pain. Below are ways to naturally get rid of cramping from your period.

CBD oil

You might not have heard of the chemical called prostaglandins. But it is what causes the cramps during menstruation. Some women don’t get cramps as badly as others and that is because they have less of the compound.

Many non-steroidal drugs can reduce the prostaglandins in the system, making them an effective antidote to cramps. The side effects are almost as bad as the cramps, though, so females tend to not want to take them.

A different option is to try CBD as a natural method of inhibiting prostaglandins. Another way that it is helpful is by being an anti-inflammatory. CBD oil can help ease uncomfortable abdominal bloating and nausea that often accompany period pain.

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More natural remedies for cramps: Acupuncture

Yes, poking needles into your skin can help reduce the period pain. Some people are big believers in the power of acupuncture in treating pain and other conditions.

Acupuncture for menstrual pain is effective because it promotes blood flow to the target area to help bring nutrients and oxygen-rich blood. The sessions have the potential to reduce the intensity and duration of the painful cramps.

Acupuncture is also an effective anti-inflammatory treatment. That’s good to know as inflammation can increase the severity of menstrual symptoms.

Lastly, the release of dopamine in the brain is a great way to combat any type of pain. When it comes to cramps, the dopamine can concentrate around the vagus nerve, which controls your abdominal pain.

Essential oils

Massaging the abdomen with massage oil can help a great deal when it comes to soothing period pain. When you add essential oils, you can make the effect even better.

Some oils can penetrate the outer layer of the skin and provide relief. For example, lavender oil can calm the entire area naturally and smells really nice at the same time.

That scent is a large amount of oil evaporating into the air that doesn’t penetrate the skin. If you want a more aggressive feeling, then a menthol-type oil is one to consider.

Eucalyptus can penetrate deep into the tissue and give the feeling of a heating pad on your abdomen. Essential oils are also useful for naturally balancing hormone levels.

Do yoga

Increasing blood flow is key to many natural remedies for cramps. One way to improve blood flow throughout your body is by doing yoga.

Yoga poses are a low-impact way to loosen the muscles and get the circulation going to feel some period pain relief. It can also reduce inflammation and help you recover faster.

Conclusions on natural remedies for cramps

There is no way to totally rid yourself of the pain from your period. But with these tips, you can hopefully reduce the discomfort enough to get your normal routine back. You deserve to feel good! Remember that getting your period is a sign that you are healthy, and you are not alone in what you experience each month. It is a bond women share, and there’s a beauty in that.

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