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7 adorable doggie coats for winter

Doggie coats for winter

In wintertime, we wear clothing that we expect to be warm, fit well, and be trendy. Why would we expect the pampered pooches in our lives to have anything different? These seven doggie coats for winter are adorable, cozy, and stylish. The best winter clothes for dogs also allow them total freedom of movement so there’s no fear of tripping.

The need to winter protect your dog

Dogs have double-coated thick skin. So, do dogs need a coat?

The answer is “yes.” No matter the length of the fur or build, a dog jacket is a winter necessity to keep the canine warm and covered for daily walks and park trips.

Dogs come in many sizes and shapes, obviously. When shopping for doggie coats for winter, keep the buying options open between full-body coverage, sleeves for legs, or trunk only.

Slim dogs or ones with short hair need an extra layer of insulation, whereas breeds with long hair need extra jacket space for further comfort. There are also adjustable straps and pockets available in the latest coats. Now that you’re thinking about what’s best for your darling fur kid, let’s look at the best dog clothes to bundle up your pet for the chilly winter months.

Dog clothes
Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Doggie coats for winter include the Summit Parka

The Summit Parka from Hurtta is a highly recommended winter jacket to protect your mutt’s chest and abdomen. It keeps their body temperature stable in the cold weather to help them avoid getting a cold.

Easy to put on and take off, it uses a buckle approach around the dog’s waist, avoiding the need to lift the doggie’s legs while putting on the jacket. This waterproof jacket has high-visibility reflectors to spot your dog at night too, so they’re better able to stay safe.

Also, the back length, collar, and belt are adjustable to fit a range of breeds. Plus, it has a one-clip design, making it easy to put on your fur baby, who might be fidgeting. The harness is another handy feature during your walk outdoors.

Dog parka from Weatherbeeta

The Weatherbeeta Reflective Dog Parka 300D is great winter gear for the dog that you’ve prepared for weeks in advance. The outer layer has 300 denier strength, and the 220-gram Polyfill warmth covers your doggie’s chest, belly, rear legs, collar, and throat.

The jacket’s reflective strips make the dog visible right away during a nightly stroll, so it’s a safe choice. Plus, waterproof doggie coats for winter like this one shelter your pooch from the wind and rain. This one is machine-washable too.

Quilted overall dog coat from Hurtta

The “L” fit quilted dog coat from Hurtta is another popular choice. The Casual Quilted Overall Dog Coat is great for short-haired and hairless breeds.

It provides plenty of protection in cold and windy weather, whether walking in the local neighborhood or on a trip. The warm lining and ultra-sonic quilting mean no cold winds can reach the dog’s vulnerable chest.

This dirt-repellent dog coat makes keeping it clean easy, and it’s attractive too. Another good point is that the harness can fit many different breeds. Also, it’s waterproof, so taking your pup out in the rain to fulfill nature’s call without getting them wet is simpler, which is good news for the both of you!

Windproof doggie coats for winter

Ruffwear’s waterproof and windproof jacket shields your dog from icy-cold winds. The fold-up protective nylon shell and cozy fleece lining provide extra weather protection for your furry kid too.

It even has leg loops for a warm, snug, and secure fit for the canine’s foursome. The vest-style body coverage is good, and the side buckles make it easy to cover the dog and remove it.

Plus, the reflective accents in the jacket suit low-light conditions. After all, you want the cute family member to be easy to see, so they’re always safe!

Best clothes for dogs
Photo by Екатерина Балабанова on Unsplash

Fleece doggie coats for winter

A trendy fleece coat is an obvious choice. It’s one of the best winter clothes for dogs because it provides warmth outdoors and hugs your canine’s body.

This style is easy to put on too. Choose one with adjustable Velcro straps, especially for smaller breeds. Also, look for reflective piping for high visibility; it makes your dog easy to see in wintry evenings.

Padded dog vest

Small dogs need their share of warmth in wintry weather. A padded vest with zipper closure is for those dogs who want to slip into it without much effort, and you can do it up according to their width and comfort.

A nylon outer layer and polyester inner layer provide excellent winter insulation and protection from cold and dry winds. As for the pain-free zipper, it effectively keeps your pug’s chest warm.

Without any restrictions in movement, your dog can fulfill their urge to pee with the vest creating a mess. That’s important for any of these doggie coats for winter!

Pooch puffer jacket

A dog puffer jacket is adorable! There are ones that even come with a hood. Pull it over your pet’s head while taking them out for a stroll.

The jacket is best for small and extra small dogs. Take off the hood if you notice the dog showing any discomfort.


The seven performance-oriented options for dog gear provide great winter inspiration. They fit a range of breeds and body shapes.

Dress up your companion before leaving home in these snug and colorful doggie coats for winter. They will happily wag their tail in appreciation of your love and care.

Which one is your fave, and why?


Top photo by Dmitry Konnov via Unsplash

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  1. Jackets and vests for dogs can be sooo cute. Haven’t seen too many of these on dogs in Australia since it’s fairly warm here, but when I do, it really is sooo cute not to look. I like that you mentioned there are jackets for different shapes and sizes – one size really doesn’t fit all and you really want something that fits well to keep out the cold even for dogs :)

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