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5 luxury bedroom design ideas

Luxury bedroom design ideas

Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries. Even if you live alone, your bedroom is your space where no one else can come in without an invitation. That is why creating the perfect bedroom to rest and revive yourself is so important. Although you might not be able to afford silk sheets and expensive furniture, there are still ways that you can bring some an upscale feel to your house and not break the bank. Here are some luxury bedroom design ideas.

Top luxury bedroom design ideas:

Bring on the feeling and look of high living and comfort! Get what you’re looking for with the five tips below.

1. Get a bigger bed

You might not have the room for a large, California King bed, but you should get the biggest bed and best mattress sizes you can. Having the extra space to sleep in and sprawl out after a long day is incredibly luxurious and will help you relax.

Additionally, if you live with your partner, having the extra room will help you both sleep more soundly at night without fear of someone being pushed to the edge of the bed! If you want to make your bedroom even more luxurious, why not get a four-poster bed?

Below are four more decorating ideas. More inspiration is coming!

2. Add a sofa

Again, this will depend on your bedroom size, but adding a sofa could be a great idea. It offers comfortable, alternative seating in your bedroom when you want to relax, read a book, or have a friend over.

You can change the format of your room with a sofa, and it will make it feel very luxurious—reminiscent of stunning hotel suites and celebrity bedrooms. If you want to add vintage glamor, choose a chaise lounge at the foot of your bed.

3. More luxury bedroom design ideas: Invest in high-quality sheets

You might not be able to afford those silk sheets, as mentioned previously, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the best quality you can afford. You want to ensure you get the best night’s sleep; your comfort will play a big part in that.

While silk and Egyptian cotton are the best and most expensive, regular cotton sheets are more affordable and can still provide excellent comfort. They give the feeling of high comfort, which makes them one of the top luxury bedroom design tips. Look into the different materials your bedsheets can be made from and find the right ones.

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4. Add some artwork

Artwork will always help to brighten up a room and make it feel complete, but there are certain points and other pieces that can make a room feel more luxurious. Large, framed prints that dominate one wall make a big statement and can look like they belong in a gallery, even if you did order them online.

A collection of artistic photography prints around the room or hung together can also look smart and stylish. Want to be more experimental? Look at wall sculptures or abstract, colorful artwork from talented artists like Jennifer Moore-Tymowska.

5. Blinds and drapes are top luxury bedroom design ideas

Finally, consider how accessories like your drapes can make a difference. To imitate lofty mansions and five-star hotels, why not choose lighter materials for your drapes that elegantly flow and dance in the breeze?

If you worry about the light coming in and disturbing your sleep, consider calling a company to install blackout blinds. Then you can lower them when you want more privacy at night or if you sleep during the day because of the nightshift. Sleep is so important and the blackout blinds can help!

Final words

Go to sleep and wake up feeling like an A-lister every day with these top tips on creating a luxurious bedroom. Be sure to avoid common bedroom mistakes that can interfere with sleep quality.

What other ways to increase the feeling of extravagance and comfort in the room where you look forward to a good sleep? Share your bedroom styling tips in the comments below!


Feature photo by Andrea Piacquadio de Pexels

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