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How to design a farmhouse kitchen: Get inspiration here

Design a farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse-style kitchens are all the rage in 2020. They are both classic and rustic, and they even play up certain flaws to create a homey, comfy aesthetic. But while this type of kitchen appears comfortable and casual, there’s actually a lot that can go into the design. That’s why it can be helpful to partner with a reputable kitchen designer in your area to get what you want from the space. They can help to incorporate your personal style when they design a farmhouse kitchen with you, while also highlighting functionality and purpose.

Add charm with this home upgrade

Regardless of how you approach your renovation, designing a farmhouse kitchen can be a fun and exciting way to add charm and functionality to your home. In this blog post are the top ideas for creating the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Get inspired!

8 steps to design a farmhouse kitchen:

1. Go natural

First, it’s important to note that one of the undeniable features of any farmhouse is the use of natural materials. The farmhouse kitchen aesthetic embraces imperfections and organic materials.

Try using woods wherever possible, including on the countertops. It’s this natural vibe that helps make butcher block countertops so popular.

Wood can complement many design styles and be used creatively as there are many wood types and color variations. You can choose dark wood and play around with accessories like a light-colored vase or double-walled glass tea cups and teapot on display to change the entire kitchen’s look.

2. Consider including antiques

In addition, using antiques in your farmhouse kitchen can add a wonderful charm. It can help to create the homey feel that works so well for those who design a farmhouse kitchen and lets you show off your personality.

Try placing your antiques in open cabinets or on top of shelves to keep them out of the way of your daily tasks. This way, they can still be featured as statement pieces in your kitchen but won’t add clutter to the room.

3. For your farmhouse kitchen: Use neutral colors

Farmhouse kitchens are almost always exclusively designed with neutral colors. That’s because neutral colors work very well with the natural look of wood that is so popular in farmhouse kitchens.

Add practical pieces that enhance your home’s aesthetic, such as a natural jute area rug or a dainty valance for the windows. Accessories complete the look and feel of any room.

Moreover, neutral shades like beige create an open and spacious look that can help create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This reno project is all about the natural look and feel, so make sure to focus on that concept above all else when crafting your dream kitchen.

4. Limit the number of cabinets

Continuing with the theme of simplicity, using fewer cabinets rather than more is an extremely effective way to design a farmhouse kitchen. Create the open feel you’re seeking by restricting the number of upper cabinets.

But if you have a lot of items that need storage, then you’re likely wondering how to fit them all in less space. The answer is to try using open shelving for whatever won’t fit in the cabinets. That way you will have more room for storage and still achieve the open and spacious feel that farmhouse kitchens are known for.

5. Add plants

The rustic, comfy kitchen you’re going for is one that ought to have a very authentic feel to it, so that makes it a great place to add some life in the form of plants. Simple daisies in a rustic vase can look beautiful on your island or kitchen table, for example.

In addition, larger, green plants can work well on the top of your counters. Another great-looking option is hanging plants in corners, where they can fill awkward spaces.

6. Install barn wood floors in your farmhouse kitchen

It’s important not to overlook the flooring in the room either. The farmhouse design can look terrific with any one of a number of different flooring options.

In particular, though, a barn wood floor works extremely well, so that’s why it’s a popular choice. It can instantly increase the rustic feel of your space.

Plus, it’s highly durable, so it works well in areas with increased foot traffic. To add an extra layer of protection, consider X-Board or a similar material.

7. Use a farmhouse sink

The farmhouse sink is a signature staple in any farmhouse kitchen. It is definitely the most popular sink option and serves to support the whole motif. Farmhouse sinks are characterized by their large basin-type sink and the use of traditional materials.

These sinks provide a sense of nostalgia and rustic charm, so that’s why they’re a great choice for the kitchen reno. Traditional materials, such as porcelain, stainless steel, or clay, work very well for farmhouse sinks. Also, usually, this type of sink does not have a space directly for the faucet, so it’s often located on the countertop behind the sink.

8. Play up the imperfections

Remember that the main appeal of farmhouse kitchens is that they’re nostalgic, traditional, and comforting. This means that they should have a natural feel to them.

Thus, be sure to embrace the “flaws” in your design. It’s those irregular features that are so charming!

Try using different pieces of decor on your open shelves that don’t exactly go together. Any use of antiques or brass pots and pans can make a lovely display that adds to a farmhouse kitchen.

Moreover, the wood used on your countertops, cabinets, or even your floors can be made of up traditional farmhouse wood, such as white oak or hickory. These types of wood typically have an imperfect look. However, that is something that works very well in a kitchen that is designed to be antiquated and comfortable.

Final thoughts on how to design a farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are an excellent way to bring back nostalgia and comfort to your home. The kitchen is the heart of any home, so focusing on making your kitchen casual yet elegant can be a wonderful investment.

Having a space that is focused on relaxation and simplicity can bring a sense of peace to your home and your family. That is especially important during these uncertain times.

Keep in mind that it can be very helpful to consult with professionals when designing your ideal farmhouse kitchen. And, above all, make sure to use your own personal taste and style in your design to come up with the perfect setup to suit your practical and personal needs.

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