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Get Heavy-Duty Floor Protection Using Lightweight X-Board


Heavier is not always better when it comes to covering and protecting floors from the possibilities of damage during a renovation or construction project. My partner Aureleo and I are undergoing home upgrades now and X-Board offers a way to protect floors while in the process of doing these projects. The lightweight qualities of X-Board are making it a product that is increasingly in demand by homeowners and contractors alike. It provides a stable barrier between chemicals, dirt, and debris during the toughest of remodels and construction jobs.

What is X-Board?

X-Board is a lightweight floor protection material that comes in rolls that are nearly three-feet wide and in lengths of 50 or 100-feet. It’s easy to store and carry along for all of your construction or renovation projects. The ability to carry an entire roll without assistance means you are immediately saving time and labor costs.

How does X-Board work?

You have full control on where to install X-Board that will offer total protection to floors that are subject to damage as you work. When used in tandem with the moisture-proof tape, the floor surfaces will remain clean of any material debris or liquids that are accidentally spilled or dripped. It makes finishing the project faster by allowing quick clean up.

Can I reuse X-Board?

One great quality of this item is the ability to reuse it from one job to the next. It is designed for endurance and tough protection. Once you finish with one job, simply remove the tape and roll the material up to stow away for the next use. It is also recyclable. You can feel good about using a product that is kinder to the environment.

Does it protect floors from all liquids?

Renovation and construction jobs happen year round, rain or shine. THis means dealing with the headaches of keeping water and mud off floors. X-Board provides the perfect breathable seal to keep out dirt, sawdust, spackling, paint, water, stain, and other liquids that can harm the floors. Accidental spills can happen at any moment, especially if you have a busy crew working in a limited area. This product is a great investment for all of your projects.

Where can I get X-Board?

X-Board is created by Trimaco, which is an industry leader in quality surface protection products. You can order this product directly from them or seek it out at your local home improvement center. It is an affordable solution for total floor protection.

You can finally get a tough protective material for floors that is both affordable and lightweight for easy handling. Toss out your old cheap protection and upgrade to the dependability of X-Board.

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