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5 bedroom design mistakes to avoid so you sleep better tonight


When you’re designing or rearranging the bedroom, keep in mind the job of this particular room so that it fulfills the purpose. For the vast majority of people, that’s going to help you sleep better tonight and set the scene for intimacy. Let’s look at the bedroom design mistakes that people tend to make that get in the way of good sleep. If you’re having a tough time laying your head down to rest in your bedroom, these errors might explain it.

1. An old or bad bed

If your bed is old enough that you know several springs all too intimately, then it’s time to get a new one. Be careful when choosing a new bed, though. People tend to have very different needs from their mattresses.

Common wisdom states that side-sleepers should have mattresses that cushion their contact points (head, shoulders, waist), for example. These parts of the body don’t have to take the weight of the rest of their body. Use online guides to get a better idea of what type of bed you need to sleep better tonight.

2. Bedroom mistakes: Glaring light from a screen

Most people today are used to having digital displays as an everyday part of life. You might enjoy your media consumption so much that you take it to bed with you.

However, not only can having the TV or PC monitor on at night be naturally distracting. The blue light that these screens emit makes our brains remain active for much longer, which can make it more difficult to get to sleep, in turn.

3. Lacking good scents

Taking the time to relax and to get into the “mood” for sleep is important. This is why it’s recommended that you have a nightly routine to help you prepare for bed before you try to go to sleep.

The sense of smell is one that’s excellent for helping you immerse yourself in the bedtime vibes and there are plenty of essential oils for sleep designed precisely for that. A good dose of lavender or ylang-ylang in the bedroom can do wonders.

Sleep better tonight

4. Not blocking the outside world

Light sleepers especially might find it tough to fall asleep if even a peep of light or noise from the outside world makes it in. However, there are plenty of ways to better isolate the bedroom so you can sleep better tonight.

Among the most common bedroom design mistakes, for example, is avoiding using blackout blinds for the windows. Blackout blinds are some of the most effective window treatments for blocking out all light. Draft excluders can be great for soundproofing the bedroom, too.

5. Letting it get too hot

Bedrooms can get too cold, too, and that can be just as difficult to sleep in. However, it being too hot is a much more common occurrence, especially for hot sleepers.

Aside from having breathable, light sheets you can switch into, it might be worth having fans, mini AC units, or a better mattress for cool sleeping. Then you can avoid overheating, which can wake you up in the middle of the night, disturbing a peaceful sleep.

Are you making these bedroom design mistakes?

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep, the answer isn’t always in your sleeping environment. However, you can always make the effort to avoid common bedroom errors so that you can sleep better tonight.

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