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6 strange things you didn’t know you can recycle

We are very lucky to be given the chance to recycle when possible. We routinely recycle our household items of plastic, paper, metals, and glass. However, there are plenty of things that end up in landfills that do not need to be there! Recycle surprising things once you read this list.

There are some things that can be recycled, and most people don’t even realize it! You’re likely already recycling heavily in your house, but if you can recycle even more, wouldn’t you do it? Let’s take a look at six things that you could recycle right now – and you may not even know that you can.


Yes, you can recycle your water! You can buy a tank from and start saving the rainwater that your home would usually run off into the drains.

Recycling the water means either using it for the garden or fitting it with a filtration system and drinking it or using it in the house! You can use rainwater as recycled water perfectly safely.

OK, so you can recycle trash. Seriously.

There are companies out there that will pay you for your trash, and this works exceptionally well if you run a business that accumulates a lot of it. They’ll donate money to your cause for every piece of trash you send them.

Your old mattress might seem like garbage to you, but you can donate it to a charity and help someone rest well tonight. Or, recycle the mattress as suggested in our recent guide.

Wine corks.

Okay, so I’m not judging, but if wine corks are something that tends to fill up your trash bins, then do the right thing and recycle them. You won’t get paid much for your corks, but you can still make a few cents with them!

You can bet that there are craft-makers and other individuals out there who will find a use for your old wine corks. That gives the cork material use over and over again.

Gift cards.

Are you lucky enough to receive gift cards for birthdays and holidays? Well, you can trade them in on sites that take the unused cards and send you a check so you can have the cash. Sure, it won’t be as much, but it’s better than leaving it in the drawer!

You can recycle oil.

Restaurant owners will love this one, but old oil can be recycled. There are companies out there that will pay for used cooking oil.

They’ll reuse it in home heating systems and then for other items like movie tickets and bus passes. It’s not much per gallon, but it’s better than tipping it out somewhere.

Did you know you can cigarette waste can be recycled too?

Human hair.

Believe it or not, you can sell human hair! There are sites that will buy it and it depends on the type and length of hair as to how much you’ll get for it.

You can find plenty of buyers out there willing to pay for human hair to turn into wigs and hair extensions. If you are planning to cut your hair off, consider offering it to Locks of Love, which is a charity for those who have lost their hair through illness.

You may not have before, but now you know what you can recycle that will make a difference to the planet! Recycle surprising things and feel good about helping our Earth.

13 thoughts on “6 strange things you didn’t know you can recycle”

  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader)

    Very interesting! For gift cards, I have learned to scrutinize them. Some cards that look like plastic are actually made out of paper.

  2. Oooo these are interesting – old oil can go into making movie tickets and bus passes? That’s amazing! I’ve actually got a recycling post drafted up to post in the near future but I cover a lot of the more common things, focusing on health/beauty products, books and so on. It’s fantastic that so many things are now able to be recycled and reused to help save the planet. Good shout on the bottle corks – regular wine drinkers will likely be binning a lot of those otherwise! xx

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