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5 clever ways to get rid of your old mattress

Get rid of old mattress tips

Working towards goals in your career each day can be lots of hard work. However, a good night’s sleep can make even the biggest challenges seem more attainable. If you’ve ever swapped an old and lumpy mattress for a brand-new cozy bed before, then you’ll know how significant of an upgrade it can be. But how exactly do you get rid of your old mattress?

Unfortunately, while snuggling up on a brand-new mattress is a wonderful experience, figuring out what to do with your old mattress can be quite a problem for some homeowners. After all, it’s not like you can just hide the bed in your cupboard until you find someone to get rid of it for you. Here is a good resource about this topic.

The good news? There are five clever ways that you can get rid of your mattress safely and sustainably. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Donate the mattress to charity

Whenever you’re trying to get rid of an old mattress, your first call should be any local charities that take large pieces of furniture. As long as your mattress is still in reasonably good condition, there are plenty of charitable organizations that will be happy to take it off your hands for absolutely no charge. Some groups will even collect the mattress from your home.

It might be a good idea to have your mattress professionally cleaned before you donate it, as this will increase your chances of it being accepted by your non-profit of choice. However, keep in mind that a mattress doesn’t need to be in perfect condition to be given to charity; do remember though that someone else has to use it after you so be respectful about its condition.

2. Get rid of your old mattress by giving it to a shelter

Once again, your old mattress will need to be in reasonably good condition if you plan on giving it to someone else to use. However, as long as there are no painful springs sticking out or obvious huge dips, you’ll already be on the right track.

Visit a local shelter or a group that offers housing for the homeless to see if they need a mattress. They might also be on the lookout for any large pieces of furniture that are unused in your garage or storage locker.

Many shelters are always looking for beds and other comfy items that they can give to people who need a night off the street. Before you give your bedding to a shelter, make sure that you’ve checked for any signs of bed bugs or stains that need to be dealt with first.

3. Give it away

There are plenty of people in need out there who haven’t quite gotten to the point of relying on a shelter yet. You could do something good for your community by listing your mattress as “free to a good home” on websites like Craigslist. You can even add your mattress to Facebook selling groups as long as the rules of the group allow for giveaways.

Remember, you’ll need to ensure that your bed is in “okay” condition before you get rid of your old mattress. Getting it cleaned by a professional will make it a lot more appealing.

If you plan on giving your mattress to a friend, they’ll usually expect you to have it cleaned for them before they come and pick it up.

4. Recycle it

Governments know just as well as you do that a mattress isn’t always easy to get rid of. To avoid a build-up of large items of furniture at junkyards and dumps, many local governments offer a recycling scheme.

You can arrange for a professional to come and pick up your mattress and take it to the appropriate location where it can be broken down and the materials can potentially be re-used. You’re doing your part to help the planet, one action at a time.

Sometimes, you may need to pay a small fee to have your item collected for recycling. However, this will save you some of the expense associated with hauling your mattress somewhere that you can dispose of it.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to be recycling your mattress, make sure that it doesn’t have any bed bugs or infestations that would be dangerous at a recycling plant. Remember, no recycling plant will take a mattress with such issues.

5. Use a removal service to get rid of your old mattress

If none of the options above are suitable for you because your mattress isn’t in the best condition or it’s too worn and broken down because of regular use, your only option will be to dispose of the item responsibly. Since driving an entire mattress to your local dumping site won’t be an easy thing to do for most people, it’s often a lot easier to contact a junk removal service like RedBoxPlus Dumpsters Melbourne instead.

There are a lot of people out there with vans who will happily take your unwanted items to the junkyard for you. Just make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company before you hand over your money and mattress. You can find out more about different removal companies through their websites and personal recommendations from friends and family.

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  1. Hi Christy,

    Most of the firms selling mattresses in Houston pick up and dispose of the old one at no additional cost. Your tips are good ones for people who do not have that option.

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