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Finding your ideal mattress for sleeping

Ideal mattress for sleeping

As a general rule of thumb, we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, and science shows we need this time to rest. That is a lot of time if you think about it. So, why settle for second best? You definitely wouldn’t do that when you’re choosing your life partner or when you are buying a car or a house. In those situations, you would conduct due diligence to come to the perfect conclusion. The same is true of finding your ideal mattress for sleeping well.

More options than ever

Fortunately, the mattress-buying process is not as tedious as it once was. There are mattress shops on almost every corner, and if you can’t muster the gumption to go to one – hey – no problem – shop online. Find last minute delivery services when you need a quality mattress to arrive ASAP.

But with it being convenient to find a mattress online, and now you know how to get it delivered, that is not to say that trying to decide what is right for you is easy. Au contraire.

With ample choice comes even more decisions, which can be difficult for many of us. It’s one of the reasons the most successful food service concepts keep their menus to a bare minimum – remove too much choice and help the customer decide.

Having said all of that, let’s look at some steps to help you navigate the mattress minefield to find something that suits your body. Yes, you’ve got this, especially with this guide at your side.

The ideal mattress for sleeping: What are your sleep preferences?

Just as you likely have bedtime habits, you also know what you like for mattress firmness.

Take this knowledge of whether you prefer soft, medium, or hard surfaces and scour the market for the best brands and models.

Information is key to the shopping journey

Visit reputable websites like to get as much information as possible before heading out of the house and into the galaxy of mattresses. We all know that the universe is infinite and the same could almost apply to mattresses.

If you used the same mattress for the last ten years and want a change, you will discover that apart from the all-pervasive spring mattress, there are also latex and memory foam versions that are very popular. Latex is great if you like springy and soft, and memory foam if you are a side sleeper or want to reduce pressure on the hips and shoulders.

Choose where you want to shop

With more than 12,000 specialty mattress stores nationwide, it shouldn’t be challenging to find something that fits your tastes. One of the pros of going for a brick-and-mortar strategy is that you get to test the mattress before buying it.

You and your partner can make a day out of going to different stores and lying on various sleeping surfaces until you decide. And when you have to, don’t forget to haggle.

Mattresses have huge markups, so you might be able to bring down the asking price if you ask the salesperson. If they won’t budge on the price tag, perhaps their supervisor will be able to help you.

Go online. Thanks to trial periods and, in some cases, same day delivery, you can opt for the click-and-buy option and order via the Internet. There are some brands out there, like Tuft & Needle or Casper, that even deliver the mattress in a box. This is stress-free, and you can test in the comfort of your home. Remember, you can’t negotiate the price, though.

Final words on finding the ideal mattress for sleeping

It is safe to say that the research stage is the most crucial part of your buying process. Hint: Make use of the trial period – all online brands offer this to win customers.

If you opt to buy in a store, be sure to ask the salesperson what is the return policy. While you hopefully won’t need to use it, err on the side of caution for this investment, as you would with any other big purchase.

Are you buying a mattress online? Or do you go in-store? What are other mattress-buying tips? Comment below!


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24 thoughts on “Finding your ideal mattress for sleeping”

  1. It sounds like things work a bit different with mattresses where you live! Online isn’t big in the UK, and seems to be limited to memory foam. I bought a memory foam mattress a few years ago… but it’s developed Alzheimer’s at this stage, and I’m not happy with it. Very soon I’ll likely to be buying one that I tried out in a showroom that has both coils and then covered with a thick gel supportive memory layer, the manufacturer will let you change within 30 days for a different type of mattress of theirs if one is not happy with the initial choice, and then that’s it. Unless there is an actual fault, then it isn’t feasible to return a mattress here :-(

    1. Oh wow, it DOES sound quite different, Andrea! Thanks for telling me more about how it all works in the UK. Good that you’ve tried the one out in the showroom that you’re looking seriously at for the future. I think that’s vital to getting the right bed.

  2. When I was pregnant with my twins — 12 years ago — my sweet husband bought me the Bentley (IMHO) of beds, my beloved king-size SleepNumber. It’s served us SOOO well over the years. When we finally retire it, I can’t imagine buying anything else. Great tips and advice, as always, Christy! xox

  3. Oh I could write many stories on my mattress mishaps and purchases, lol. But it’s crucial to try out the mattress in a store and keep that warranty!!!! I’ve sent back 3 mattress in the last 20 years. Two were easy tasks, one was a nightmare where I had to threaten the manufacturer, but it worked LOL. <3

  4. Great advice. People have no idea how important QUALITY sleep is. Investing in a good mattress is making an investment in the quality of one’s life. This is one more purchase that shows whether an individual truly VALUES themselves.

  5. I am a fan of memory foam. I purchased a top of the line memory foam mattress almost 15 years ago, and we are just now ready for a new one!

    1. Nice! I hope you enjoy the new mattress when you get it – You’ve overcome a bit hurdle already by knowing what kind of mattress you prefer.

  6. Memory foam is my choice. I won’t ever go back to a spring mattress. Great information, Christy. I have back issues so yes buying a good mattress is extremely important!! 🌸

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