Practical Skills That All Parents Should Teach Their Children

Giving your kids the skill sets to take on the world!
Some practical skills are not learned in schools. These are the ones for parents to teach their children, such as how to do laundry. Photo from Pexels.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what my kids learned in school today?” Depending on the quality of schooling your child gets, you might think that they’re not learning anything useful for life. This sentiment could be echoed by yourself if you personally didn’t learn much in school and you were forced to learn how to take care of yourself or studied how your parents did things.

There are plenty of practical skills that are still not taught in schools. The following skills are crucial to the development of your child and should be taught as early as possible.

Giving your kids the skill sets to take on the world!
Some practical skills are not learned in schools. These are the ones for parents to teach their children, such as how to do laundry. Photo from Pexels.

Washing Their Clothes

Not only will teaching your kids how to wash their clothes help around the house, but it also instills responsibility in them. They’ll learn that their clothes don’t magically get clean and that they need to put in some effort to get them that way. This article from is a great place to start if you want some help teaching your kids how to do the laundry effectively.

Of course, it’s always going to be dangerous until you teach your kids how to use detergent, how to safely use the machine and also how dry their clothes. You also don’t want to teach your kids how to use something like an iron until they’re older and more responsible, but getting them to help out with the laundry early on in their development will make them more useful around the house when it comes to chores and it helps them understand that they have responsibilities to take care of when they grow older.

How to Drive

There are online tests such as that will help your child get their learner’s permit early, but it’s still important to use your own experience to teach your child how to drive. You don’t need to overly complicate it or teach them every single intricate thing. As long as you give them some advice on how to handle the vehicle, they’ll learn at a much faster pace.

Their learner’s permit gives them a chance to learn how to use a vehicle earlier on and they’ll learn to appreciate the use of a car. As time goes on, more and more parents are refusing to teach their kids how to drive or even give them some advice, opting to give them bicycles or encourage them to use public transport instead to save the environment and cut costs. While it’s understandable, since the cost of owning a vehicle is much higher now than it used to be, driving is still an incredibly useful skill to have and doing it safely is easier with more experience.

Learning to Cook

Cooking is still one of the most important skills to have today. Yes, fast food is getting cheaper and there are many ways to get by without having to actually touch an oven or a stove, but being able to cook is about much more than just sustaining yourself. Cooking is like a family skill that brings people together. Teaching your kids to cook is as much a bonding activity as it is a practical skill to pass down to them. Perhaps you give them those secret family recipes they love or teach them how to entertain guests; either way, they’re learning a good skill. This article at should be a good starting point on how you can get them involved in the kitchen at an early age.

Fast food is a cheap and fast choice but it’s also unhealthy. Your kids should learn to cook their own meals to promote a healthier lifestyle, but it should also be seen as a social skill to possess.

Some Final Words

There are many other skills to teach your kids, such as doing taxes and DIY projects to help around the house, but the three listed above are perhaps the most practical and useful. These skills will help your kids when they move out into their dorms for college, or even when you want to take a holiday and leave your kids on their own for a few days. It will help them gain independence and mature faster.


  1. Great advice; like you said there is also so much more like networking, understanding banking and investing or general financial literacy altogether. I truly believe parents should and can properly prepare their children for adulthood by not just loving them, feeding them and putting a roof over their heads but by also giving them the necessary skills to be functional adults like all the things you mentioned.

  2. Great advice, Christy!
    My youngest grandson, who is also autistic, is learning to drive… Oh, this is a scary place for a grandmother… hahaaaa
    My daughter has taken him out a couple of times in her car to get him ready to go to a driving school soon.
    They grow up way too quickly for my liking. I preferred it when the three grandsons were toddlers, or in early primary school; there seemed so little that could harm them there…
    I’m just being a regular granny, I think – overly protective and wanting to put them all in chain mail… 🙂

  3. I totally support cooking with young kids, even if just partially. My son is too small to man a pot by himself, but he loves unpacking food, choosing ingredients, placing items in an oven dish, and , of course, tasting at all steps. Teaching kids how food gets on the table, from the raw ingredients to the process itself, is one of the most important things they need to learn. Food is not just filling up our stomachs, it is nourishment, it is interaction with the environment and with those around us, it is positive in every way. The junk we sometimes eat is not food at all, and they should learn that early on.

  4. Three excellent things to teach your kids, Christy. Especially cooking and laundry. Driving is something they all want to learn how to do but so many young people can’t look after themselves with regards to cleanliness and cooking.

  5. I couldn’t agree more! Kids must have a sense of responsibility! And what better way than to teach them to do things at home! My boys help me do the laundry, vacuum, load and unload the dishwasher, etc. They are definitely learning that things don’t just get done magically.
    Teaching them to drive is still a few years away for me! Oh my!!
    Thanks for the fantastic post!

  6. Love this post. The cooking one, in particular, is incredibly important. I know people who don’t cook and eat out all the time. WOWZA! When I eat out more than once a month, I can feel the ill effects of all the greasy non-healthy food. But schools don’t teach so many skills: how to start a business, how to balance a checkbook and be financially responsible, personal development, and more. Thank you for these great points you’ve included here. Here’s to safe driving, yummy food, and clean laundry. 🙂

  7. These are really important skills to have Christy. I also made sure my kids understood how to balance a checkbook, at least in theory how to change a flat, and how to fill out paperwork like medical forms before they left home. So many young people seem to be lacking in these skills, but they are crucial to living an adult life.

  8. Like this. Cooking 100% agree. There are many shortcuts to avoid the stove but nothing compares to the soul love like a home cooked meal can. It also opens such creativity and healthy affordable options galore

  9. I really liked the article’s focus on practical life. Today’s traditional schooling is still too focused on virtual or abstract learning. A hands-on approach is far more rewarding for children and it equips them for life 🙂

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