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How to properly maintain your wig

Maintain your wig tips

Some people prefer wigs and protective hairstyles to open hair. If you are among the people who love wearing wigs, then one of your concerns is proper maintenance. As much as they are convenient, they can also be tricky if you do not take care of them. So here are some tips to guide you on maintaining your wig and ensuring it lasts a long time.

Choose the right wig

Before you even start caring for your wig, you will also need to choose the right one that suits your lifestyle and taste. Wigs are either human hair or synthetic wigs. A

human hair wig, because it is made from human hair, can handle many hair products, and styling is easy. Synthetic wigs require you to be gentle with them, not to damage them.

Avoid the curling iron

Everyone knows the effects of heat on hair. That is why it is highly discouraged. Avoid using a heating tool on your wig, as it will make it dry, brittle, and damaged.

In addition, it will lose its natural shine, giving it a dull appearance. As reminded by Outre wigs, unlike natural hair, which can repair itself with proper care, a wig cannot be repaired. If you have decided to start wearing wigs, stay away from flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers. In fact, if you have a synthetic wig, the heat might melt it.

Invest in quality wig maintenance products

A quality wig does not come cheap. So, if you want it to last a long time, invest in quality products to maintain it.

Get shampoos and conditioners specifically made for wigs. Other shampoos or conditioners come with harsh chemicals that will damage your wig after a few washes.

Also, how you wash your natural hair is different from how you wash your wig. A wig does not have to be massaged or rubbed. Simply soak your wig in a mixture of shampoo and water, give it a few minutes, then rinse it. Comb the wig to untangle, then let it air dry.

Go to the stylist occasionally

When buying a wig, most of them are already styled. However, after a few weeks, it may need a touch-up.

When this happens, go to a stylist. Styling natural hair is not the same as styling a wig, and you may need professional help to avoid damaging it.

Another mistake to avoid is cutting your own wig, especially if you do not have experience. It is better to let the stylist handle that for you. They have experience and are less likely to make mistakes.

To maintain your wig, store it properly

Whenever you are not wearing your wig, it is good to store it properly. For starters, store it in a cool room. If you live in extremely dry areas, it may be a good idea to have a dehumidifier in the room. This prevents the wig from drying out.

A well-maintained wig will last you a long time, whether you are wearing it to cover thinning hair or another reason. You will not even feel the pinch of parting with a lot of cash to get one as it will serve you well. Remember to follow these tips to keep it looking great and shiny for a long time.

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