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Common myths about losing your hair as a woman

Examining hair loss in women

A lot of women experience hair loss at some point in their life, and it can be something that is extremely detrimental to their self-confidence. While many men expect to become bald and society seems to have more acceptance of their loss as normal, for women it can be very scary and surprising. What makes losing your hair as a woman even more hurtful and scary is the array of myths that surround it.

There are so many different myths regarding female pattern baldness, thinning hair, and different options for hair loss treatment for women. This post discusses some of the top misconceptions to help those who are experiencing shedding hair and want to know what’s false.

Here are the common misconceptions:

Myths about wearing a hat and washing your hair too often

Firstly, there are myths revolving around how you end up suffering from hair loss. There’s the ludicrous belief that if you wear a hat or a wig then it could lead to hair loss, for example.

You will not suffer from hair loss if you wash your hair too often either, by the way, although some people think the opposite. Therefore, there is no need to go for the greasy look in order to protect hair growth!

Some people also think that cosmetic surgery like a mommy makeover, breast augmentation, and such, can impact your natural hair growth. Again, this is not the case.

Another myth: Women lose hair because of excess combing and dying

Moreover, the amount of time spent brushing or combing your hair does not affect hair loss. A lot of people think that their hair loss is a result of excess brushing, yet this does not have an impact.

Furthermore, hair does not fall out as a result of dying your hair or having a perm too often. While it is true that dye can cause damage to your tresses, it is by no means substantial enough in order to halt your hair growth.

Myths about hair loss treatments for women

Also, there are lots of myths that revolve around options for hair loss treatment for women. One of the most common misconceptions circulating at the moment is that if you shave your head, your hair will grow back thicker.

This is not true. Sometimes your hair may feel thicker as it regrows, but that is just because it is shorter.

People may shave their heads when they experience hair loss because they find it easier to cope with doing it this way rather than having bits of hair fall out each day. Nevertheless, a bald head does not result in more hair growth.

A few more thoughts on losing your hair as a woman

Hopefully, the points mentioned in this article will have helped to dispel any rumors you may have heard regarding hair loss and the treatments available. If you are suffering from hair loss, speak to a consultant in order to discover why this is happening and what are your options. An experienced hair stylist can also help you feel your best with a great cut.

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  1. Very interesting points, Christy. I know a few ladies that have experienced hair loss. With one it was due to stress and with the other, it was an early sign of a thyroid problem. Both conditions were treatable.

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