Enrich life with these 5 daily habits

Enrich your life with daily habits
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There are some habits that we could all do with kicking to the curb, and others that enrich life. Creating great habits doesn’t happen overnight; in fact, it can take years before  daily habits are  truly built into your lifestyle.

1Say no

Not maybe, or if you can fit it in, or an instant yes. A firm and meaningful no.

No is something that makes many of us uncomfortable because it is synonymous with letting people down—or not doing enough. But learning to say no can save us the problem of taking on more than we can manage, or trying to push back things like getting to sleep on time or personal projects.

Learn to say no when you simply cannot fit in more. And feel good about focusing on yourself by doing so. It will help enrich life.

2Good daily habits: Be a finisher

If you start a project – always try to finish it. It might take years, months, or even just a few hours. But always try to finish what you start.

Many people take on a new project or hobby and get bored or lose interest when it gets difficult or within a few weeks. But is there anything that will play on your mind more than what you could’ve done?

So, make a point of always finish what you start. Even when it gets difficult, or you simply don’t want to.

Of the daily habits, this one isn’t just about the end product. Instead, it is about a commitment to the things you wanted to do in life, or even just simply learning something.

3Enrich life by learning

There are many ways that learning can improve your life. Learning something that is connected to the work you do can give us a new outlook or compound the knowledge you have already.

The result can be amazing. It can increase the likelihood that you get a promotion, raise, or a new job in your current industry.

You can also take advantage of learning opportunities online, some of which are free. Add some fun new skills to your knowledge base that can help with our future business or career plans, or just for personal enjoyment.

4Physical health

Stop putting off trips to your health care practitioners. Women will often put off going to the dentist, doctors, or even a session of yoga, which means they’re not going to enrich life personally. Sadly, they will often ensure friends and family members get the care necessary before doing the same for themselves.

But aches and pains shouldn’t be ignored in most cases. Even if you feel it is something minor, it is important to book an appointment to get yourself checked over.

We have more say over our care than ever. This means we can choose to attend a Rheumatologist and Wellness clinic, aromatherapy masseuse, or acupuncturist – it is about getting the care that we need the most – and suits us. So make the time, and take care of your health.

5Gratitude to enrich life

It is important to be grateful for what you have. Being negative, or always focusing on what you don’t have, or what people don’t do for you will keep you in a very negative mindset. It highlights things that make you unhappy.

Instead, focus on what you do have, what you do for others, and things that make you happy. This is one of the daily habits that will help you stay in a positive mindset, and over time you will see the positive in everything.

This post is also available in: French


  1. Saying “No” and not feeling guilty about doing so is a game changer. The lockdown period brought me peace, healing and an opportunity to slow down and please myself with what I was doing. It’s a new found freedom to say no and not put pressure on myself to take too much on in order to accommodate others xx

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