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3 productivity hacks for career-driven women to get more done

Productivity hacks for career-driven women

Are you determined to smash through the proverbial glass ceiling and reach the very top of your chosen career ladder? If you want to reach incredibly high heights in your profession, you need to start getting as much as you can out of each working day, ladies. To get more done, use these productivity hacks for career-driven women.

Why do you want to get more done?

The more productive you are on a day-to-day basis, the more likely you will be to catch the eye of those who have the authority to promote you. And the quicker that you get promotions, the sooner you will reach your career goals and fulfill your professional aspirations.

Want to find out what you must do to get more out of each working day? If so, keep reading!

3 productivity hacks for career-driven women:

1. Put in the work after work

If you are serious about climbing the career ladder in your chosen industry, then your working hours cannot be confined to the time you spend in your working environment. The reason is that you are putting in the hours now to see the results later.

That means putting the effort in after the whistle blows if you want to reach your full professional potential. For advice on how to stay productive after work, be sure to check out this helpful article on the topic.

2. Take advantage of your commuting hours

Similarly, you need to be taking full advantage of the time you spend commuting if you’re serious about getting more out of each working day. Of course, this tip applies to those who work outside of the home, although it also is one to note for those who have appointments outside of the home.

Traveling for work is not an excuse for lack of productivity, even for a budding entrepreneur. No matter how many hours you spend commuting to and from your place of work each week, you shouldn’t let your time on the road or up in the air hold you back from progressing in your profession.

For example, you could listen to an audiobook if you are driving to and from work or an appointment. Another option is to read a book or search online for career-related topics while on the bus, train, or another means of travel where you’re the passenger.

This is particularly important if you’re a frequent business flyer. To ensure that you leave yourself with enough time to get on with your daily tasks while you sit around in the departure lounge, you need to find a way to streamline your airport process. You can achieve this by:

  • Pre-arranging a spot for your vehicle in the airport parking lot using the booking system
  • Checking-in before you arrive at the airport
  • Signing up for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck security program and make sure to book a TSA Pre-Check appointment

Making the most of your day, whether traveling or at home, is essential for you to get more out of your day. These productivity hacks can get easier the more you practice them too, as with most habits.

Get it done by saying no
Say no to things that take you away from your career path rather than helping it.

3. Learn to say ‘no’ effectively to get more done

Constantly agreeing to do things for other people might seem like the right thing to do at the time. Still, it will have a detrimental impact on your own productivity levels in the long run if you continue to perform tasks for other people.

That point is especially true when those tasks aren’t at all beneficial to you or your professional progress. Sooner rather than later you’ll find yourself lacking in both time and energy. Ultimately, this will hold you back from being able to climb to a higher position as a career-driven woman.

If you’re a natural people-pleaser, saying “no” will no doubt be somewhat of a struggle for you. I know that from experience!

Fear not. There are things that you can do to become more comfortable with saying this small yet heavy word.

Here are four tips for saying “no” effectively:

  • Always take some time to assess each request before responding
  • Don’t beat around the bush as this will provide the other party with an opening
  • Be assertive — say “no” like you mean it!
  • Understand the tactics that people use to manipulate you

Final words on productivity hacks for career-driven women

You need to be operating in a highly productive and efficient fashion from the moment you clock in until the moment you clock out, and even (for a short while) after business hours. Anything less and you’ll struggle to reach your full potential in your line of work or it will take longer to get there.

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