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Importance of prayer: Online prayer request when nothing else works

Importance of prayer

While some people think that prayer is a ritual, the simple truth is that it is not. There is no hard and fast rule about when to pray or how to do it, with whom to do it, and for what purposes. Everyone has their definition of it, their way of doing it, and their reasons for doing it. Sending an online prayer request is a modern approach. This is the brilliance of such a thing, there are no do’s and don’ts; everyone is free to partake in it, with the commonality being a belief in the importance of prayer.

How to pray?

Those who pray do so while driving, walking, running, dancing, and so on. There is nowhere that it says one must kneel or sit to express your faith.

As per a lot of the scriptures in the Bible and what is preached every Sunday in our churches, the Lord answers any kind of prayer. Yes, that includes an online prayer request.

The person who utters only the two words “help me!” is just as loud and audible as the one who kneels for days sighting scriptures and repeating over and over a request or an appeal.

Our understanding of the importance of prayer

Some people may say that they feel like a simple prayer is all it takes. However, others find deeper meaning and joy in a more detailed one.

It is an act of communication between us and a higher power. Some may say a transcendent realm or a supernatural being.

This simple act has been defined in multiple religions, from Christianity to Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism, to name only a few. Each one has one common understanding of it, i.e. is it one of the best ways to have a one-to-one with the entity they worship.

It makes use of various techniques and forms. Some prefer to kneel, while others prefer to lay down. Some put their palms together, while others open them up to the skies above.

The online discussion of prayer has been defined as “an intimate friendship” or a conversation done frequently with one’s beloved. This was stated by Saint Teresa of Avila in 16th Century Spain, click here to find out more about this spiritual nun.

A lot of people refer to God or the Lord Jesus Christ as their “beloved.” That is because they see Him as an embodiment of love itself.

Prayer in the world today

The world, unfortunately, does not always see the importance of prayer as their first option. More often than not it is their last option.

Instead, people sometimes use drugs, alcohol, sex, and shopping to feed any negative emotions they may endure, in the hopes that it will take those uncomfortable feelings away. Perhaps it does take them away temporarily.

But, what some do not understand is that when nothing else works and all you have is a temporary fix, prayer can be the answer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying it out.

Expressing your human desire to a spiritual entity or something that you perhaps cannot see, hear, or touch, makes it more difficult for people to believe in it. But one has nothing to lose by praying today.

A lot of churches and ministries offer online prayer request options whereby you fill a form out and send it through to them. Then they will somewhere somehow, pray for that request.

Millions of people do it because not everyone’s prayers get answered immediately, and sometimes they need a little extra helping hand with Sometimes, in some countries, people are oppressed, and they cannot speak out loud about their beliefs. So, this can be a way to do it without causing negative attention.

Online prayer request

The significance of prayer: Then and now

One of the most significant and universal aspects of any religion is prayer, without a doubt. It is not scripted or versed. That is the beauty and importance of prayer.

It was prevalent during ancient times and has still been so during modern times. Some would say it is religion’s primary mode of expression, and prayer has been compared to being as similar as rational thought in philosophy.

It differentiates the wonder of belief from those singularities that approach it or look like it, such as aesthetic feelings and religion. Theologians and historians of religion, including believers of all faiths, agree that identifying the dominant position that prayer inhabits in religion can bring deeper meaning to life. Without it, life itself would have less meaning, if any at all, according to this train of thought.

The American philosopher William James was one of the most stimulating and insightful philosophers of the 18th century. He studied metaphysics, religion, human freedom, and moral values, and he had a thorough understanding of consciousness and the self. Based on his experiences, James stated that religion could not be separate from prayer; one cannot exist without the other.

A simple yet powerful conversation

As mentioned earlier, all religions have their specific ideas of prayer. For example, some of them state that praying is just as important as breathing. Others, meanwhile, mention praying and being religious as synonymous.

No matter what all the other pieces of literature and scriptures say, one thing that is common between them is that the act of praying is a universal acknowledgment as the purest form of expression.

It is without any external influences; it is pure and unadulterated. The act of praying is one of the simplest yet most powerful conversations anyone has ever had with another “being.”

Some may practice it in front of a church audience. Meanwhile, others are sitting up in bed in the middle of the night. A sense of despair may take over and the silence engulfs you with no one around. It can feel like the only option is speaking to God and laying out all your feelings. There is nothing purer than that.

Conclusions on online prayer requests and the importance of prayer

There are many types of prayers, ranging from confessions (recognizing your sins) to adoration (prostration of yourself before God). There are also singing songs about the Lord. But they all have the same underlying reasons.

The act is neither regressive nor progressive, but rather of great significance to its believers. Whatever the inspiration, it is a very intimate act.

It brings meaning to every individual and every religion. As such, the action of praying seeks to establish a certain dialogue between two entities.

You may feel your faith more than others, and maybe prayer comes naturally to you. As such, perhaps you could consider divinity degrees from theological seminaries as a career change or calling.  Through specific learning, you will expand knowledge of biblical and theological principles, church history, and spiritual formation.

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