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How you can get used to wearing glasses

get used to wearing glasses

When your eyes start to age or when they just start to lose their quality of sight due to genetic inheritances, you will need to get used to wearing glasses. It’s not easy in the beginning and for very young children, it’s downright uncomfortable. But it has to be done. You will need a little help to get used to wearing glasses, but that’s exactly why the following tips have been compiled for you.

How bad is it?

Your glasses will be with you for the next 5 years or so, so it’s best to get it right the first time. Speak with a professional who can give you an eye exam. They will have a board of letters which you will have to read out as far as you can.

They will also administer some more accurate tests, using their large equipment in their offices. This can determine how bad or good your eyesight is.

They use it to see inside the eyes and see why you are losing some of your eyesight quality. After which, they will create or select the best lenses for your eyes.

Bedside manners

Every morning you rise, you’ll need to put on your glasses. But should you have them by your bedside? Well, yes and no.

If you use your side table a lot, then putting your glasses on it could mean they get lost or buried underneath other things you put there, not to mention they might get bent if something heavy is put on them. So, if you’re going to keep them on that side table then protect them in the glasses case.

Cleaning your glasses

The opticians that sell you your glasses will also have unique lens cleaner liquid. You can buy this in a bottle which can be sprayed onto a cloth. They will also have this fabric, which is made out of nylon or velvet usually.

The cloth is non-stick and, thus, you’ll need quite a few spurts of the cleaner to get enough onto the cloth. Once on, make sure that you quickly clean your lenses as the cleaner solution usually dries within seconds. The cleaner should be used quickly so it can lift the dirt off while still present on the cloth.

Tightening your glasses

If you feel that your glasses tend to come forward too often, you’ll need to tighten them. Many first-time glasses owners will experience this because we don’t yet know how fastened we need them to be. Plus, running can dislodge the glasses from your ears. The opticians or glasses shop will tighten your glasses for you if the frame needs it and usually for free.

Handling your glasses

Always grab your glasses from the bridge, never the lens frames. Grabbing the glasses from the hinges isn’t recommended. Make sure that you don’t twist the glasses either as the frame can warp.

It will take a month or so to get used to your glasses. Welcome to the club, you’re just one of many millions who need help to see properly, but it could improve your work and overall lifestyle insurmountably.

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  1. Good tips Christy…I can’t remember when I started wearing glasses but was from a young age. My newest pair fell apart after only 6hrs,not happy but I’m wearing contacts now for a month & it’s almost second nature to put them in as is putting glasses on.

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