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What glasses to wear at work?

Office eyewear: Glasses to wear

Office lifestyles can take a toll on your physical and mental health, as I’ve talked about before here. Between repetitive strain issues, work-related musculoskeletal diseases, and stress disorders, sitting behind a desk isn’t the picnic that some people might assume it to be. If you need office eyewear to see the screen clearly or for distance vision, what glasses to wear is the question you’re likely asking yourself.

The impact of office life on your eyes

Sure, there’s the coffee machine and the bagels that the boss might provide for meetings. But obviously, you have to take care of your health. One of the major long-term contributing factors to poor general health for office lifestyles is staring at a computer screen.

If you’re like me then you spend more than a few hours with just a few inches from the tip of your nose to the computer screen. And you do so five days per week.

Over the course of your long career, you’ll likely notice your vision declining, although it may occur so gradually that you don’t realize it for a while. You might get to the point where you the computer screen at your desk becomes fuzzy, which is a sign that you probably need reading glasses.

Thankfully, there are a lot of great styles of glasses today! What is the best style of glasses for the office? Let’s take a look.

The shape of things to come for office eyewear

Everybody knows somebody who wears unique glasses as part of their quirky look. Usually, these glasses will be oversized and connected to a behind-the-neck chain.

Where do they even buy these things? No matter. They’re totally cool and suit their personalities.

If you’re new to introducing glasses to your daily office style, you might stick to classic rectangular frames. Or, even introduce a little defined character with browline glasses (see these glasses for ideas).

This is because the architectural angles of such glasses give the impression of business-like functionality and respectability, without overstepping any fashion boundaries that might make them seem unprofessional in some way.

What glasses to wear: Which color frames should you choose?

Eyeglass frames come in all materials and colors. Which is exciting! Mine is purple and brown, which I love.

As for getting the most business-like frames to suit office lifestyles, you might wonder what is best. Generally speaking, stick to black, brown, or grey frames for office eyewear. These natural hues are great at providing a supporting cast of “background” colors for your work outfits.

However, introducing a little color that works with your skin tone and hair color is possible if done correctly. Glasses can change your look immediately for the better. I know mine has done exactly that.

Done incorrectly, of course, you could run into raised eyebrows and office chatter about your off-beat sense of style. For example, brunettes work best with colors from that particular palette, such as reds, browns, and yellows, whereas green glasses frames would stand out a mile.

A final tip for what glasses to wear

Also, be sure to check out screen glare options. Even if your glasses are only intended for reading and not for full time use, adding the anti-glare protective coating to your glasses for a nominal fee will greatly increase how much you enjoy wearing the glasses.

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