Women’s Eyeglasses: Change your Look in 2019

New eyeglasses like these can change your look for 2019 dramatically!

Hi, this is Ashly. No accessory reinvents your look like a beautiful pair of designer eyewear. With fashion-forward influencers in Kenya and beyond, you have a variety of eyewear trends to experiment with. These will update your eyeglasses or give your look a complete transformation to help you feel more confident. A reliable women’s eyeglasses e-store will have a variety of glasses styles to choose from before the year ends. Here are 5 women’s eyewear trends to change your look for 2019.

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Slim Metal Frames

Thin glass frames are the hottest style for women’s eyeglasses to consider today. They are slimmed down for perfectly sculpted lines.

These thin metal frames look sleek and light on the face. Perhaps you’ve been donning thick eyeglasses frames. If so, consider refreshing your look with ‘70s inspired metal frames – ironic, right?!

The frames come in options including thin metal round glasses and larger aviator style frames. This design will give you a playful minimalist look for those who enjoy having fun with their style.

Retro Women’s Eyeglasses

Popular eyeglasses today are smaller than oversized options of years gone by. For women, consider the retro eyeglasses that continue to be popular. They include tortoiseshell pattern and flattering shapes reminiscent of days gone by.

These fantastic options to change your look for 2019 come in tailored cat eye and aviator styles. The result is a clean, minimalist appearance. You can get them in materials including metal and acetate and the ’70s and ‘80s double bridge.

Change Your Look: Go More Natural

Next, the wooden effect or actual wooden frames are becoming more popular now. You can get these in earthly colors including pine, olive, sandalwood, and teak. When you’re to buy spectacle frames in Kenya, those in natural tone will make you excited. These are incredibly eco-friendly because of their natural raw material body. Wooden eyeglasses frames will make you look delicate and glamorous.

Colorful Transparent Hues

You can still go for acetate eyeglasses frames but the thin-rimmed options. These thin acetate frames are not only practical and in vogue but durable and lightweight too.

These properties make them perfect for daily wear, as compared to heavier counterparts. Luckily, acetate frames come in various sizes and shapes for an opportunity to add your favorite color to your daily lifestyle. You can choose transparent women’s glasses frames in options such as:

These colors in a thin acetate frame will make you look as stylish as an A-list celebrity in Hollywood. They’re a great choice to update your appearance now that we’re in 2019.

Blue Light Blockers

With more people spending countless hours working away on their computer screens, blue light blockers are a must-buy item at Christmas and beyond. Staring at the computer or phone screen all day affects vision and sleep. Therefore, it’s important to protect your eyes from strain. This might have a significant negative impact on eye health in the long run.

With blue light being a natural aspect of the visible light spectrum, it makes up much of harmful sunlight and wavelength with potential damage to the retina. Protecting your vision and strain with computer reading glasses is essential. A professional optician can get you custom prescription glasses with the right frames. All eyewear should have a blue light anti-reflective coating.

Time to Change your Look for 2019

Apart from the frame, the right pair of both men and women’s eyeglasses comes in great colors, sizes, and bridge fit with new Summer 2019 Collections. Wearing eyeglasses with the right frames is essential since people notice your eyes more. Visit a reliable online store today for women’s eyeglasses frames to complement your style and outfits before the New Year gets here.

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  1. Good post. Slim and retro frames will be in trend in 2019 as well. Apart from this we will see over-sized frames, micro cat eye glasses, hipster glasses this year which will help to change your look.

  2. I never know what sort of glasses to buy or how to work out what suits me. I like it when the assistant can guide you. Maybe my next set of glasses I will reach for something a little different. Inspiring article.

    1. I always take my mom with me because I know she’ll give me an honest opinion on what glasses look like that I’m trying on in store ;) I’m hoping your next set of glasses is one that makes you happy

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