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Relaxing activities: 6 unexpected ways to de-stress

Relaxing activities

Modern life is stressful. We’re all busier than ever, and there are a lot of demands on our time, from work to social life. If the stress is piling on and traditionally relaxing activities just aren’t cutting it anymore, then maybe it’s time to try something a little more unexpected ways to de-stress. If it leads to a happier life, then why not try out something a little bit quirky? If you’re up for it, here are seven things to try:

1. Top on the relaxing activities list: Get the giggles

Laughter is one of the fastest ways to cut stress and instantly feel happier and more relaxed. Whatever makes you laugh, use it.

Put on an episode of a TV show that never fails to get you giggling, watch funny cat videos on the internet, or call your funniest friend. Whatever method you choose, make sure it tickles your funny bone as the saying goes.

2. Try out Hookah shisha

This is a little unusual, but many people find that hookah shisha makes them feel incredibly relaxed. It, therefore, makes the list of unusual ways to de-stress.

If you decide to try this, make sure you do it safely. Go slowly too as some people find that it can make them feel unwell if they go too hard too soon.

3. Roll around on a tennis ball

This sounds strange but is actually a great trick for self-massage when you want to relax. If you have aches and pains somewhere that you can’t reach, and have no willing friend to help you, you can lie on a tennis ball, or trap the ball between you and a wall, and slowly move around.

The ball will press into trigger points which will release tension and make you feel more relaxed. Rolling your feet over a tennis ball can feel really nice too.

4. Send a postcard

Start looking out for nice postcards everywhere you go. When you have a stash, anytime you feel a little overwhelmed, sit down, and write a few lines to someone that you miss.

You can do something small that you know will bring a smile to someone else’s face, which can help you to feel much better about yourself too. Yup, it makes this list of unexpected ways to de-stress.

Unusual ways to de-stress

5. More ways to relax: Arrange a book swap

Curling up with a good book can make you feel much more relaxed, as you can escape into a fantasy world instead of focussing on your worries. But, if you want something new to read, don’t go out shopping.

Instead, combine a new book with some relaxing time with friends and ask other bookworm friends to bring their discarded pile to a party. You can switch books, so you can clear out some space on your own bookshelves and get something new to read, and disappear into its pages soon.

All without spending any money. This book swap is something you can schedule anytime.

6. Look at cute animals

Some studies show that cute pictures provide unexpected ways to de-stress. Whether you lose it over tiny kittens, baby sloths, or otters, spend some time online, looking at pictures of cute animals.

Whether you spend some time finding some new animals to follow on Instagram or ask your friend to send you some pictures of their new puppy, look at these cuties to brighten your day.

7. Get outside with friends

Getting outside in nature is a wonderful way to ground yourself and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. There are many activities you can do with friends that will have you laughing, connect with others, and forget about work stress.

Maybe you take up golf with friends as a way to unwind. It might surprise you how much walking the game involves if you don’t take a cart onto the course.

Final words on relaxing activities you wouldn’t expect

However you relax, make sure you dedicate some time to it. Relaxation is important, so find time for it, no matter how busy you are. What are some other unexpected ways to feel refreshed?

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  1. Spending time outside in nature is also a good way to de-stress. I like the fact that some of your suggestions are good even in these times of social distancing.

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