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How can a small home business land big clients?

Small home business, big clients

If you run a small home business, it can be very difficult to land big clients. Those corporations are used to dealing with other large organizations, and they often worry that a small biz based out of the house won’t be able to meet their needs and may not be professional enough. This can be problematic for you as you struggle to grow your business. However, if you know how to present your business and how to approach companies in the right way, even small home businesses can land big corporate clients. If you are struggling to grow your business, these are some of the best ways to get bigger clients.

Improve your image

Enhancing your image is crucial because you need to show big clients that you are professional and you have the resources to meet their needs. If people see that your business address is also your residential address, they will immediately make a judgment about your company and it could put a lot of people off.

To get around this issue, consider using a virtual address service like this one at and list that as your business address. You will get an address at an office building and all of your mail will go there, where it will be scanned and emailed to you.

Your clients will never have to know that you are running the business from home when you first get in touch, so they won’t make a judgment about you before meeting you and learning about your service.

Your website is also an incredibly important part of your business image. If you use a basic website built by yourself, clients will likely be able to tell and it doesn’t make you look very professional, unless you’re a web designer. It’s important that you invest in a professional to build a website that looks more like the site of a large company rather than a small home business.

Small home business? Boost your credentials

If you want to inspire trust, it’s important to prove you have the knowledge and experience to run a biz successfully. You can do so by boosting your credentials and getting qualifications in business. If you go back to school part-time, the education received can benefit your business in a big way.

Classroom learning can help you tap into what’s happening now in your specific industry, as well as gaining experience in how to take your experiences and apply them logically to daily operations. It also might motivate you to start a new branch of the biz, try a fresh marketing technique, or something else.

You’ll likely also strengthen communication skills while having class discussions. The ability to build and maintain relationships is key to any entrepreneur’s growth. It will bolster your confidence to help you get big clients and keep them.

Lastly, having a business degree will also make you appear professional upon first meeting someone you will potentially work with. It can help you to convince big clients that you know what you are doing before you get the opportunity to show that, yes, you really do have the chops to back up the academic title.

Approach the right person

If you are trying to sell products and services to a big company, typically you would contact the HR department. The problem with that strategy, though, is that a large organization typically has thousands of people contacting them all of the time to give them a sales pitch.

If you take this approach, you are likely to be ignored as you’re one of a bunch doing it, so you need to find a different way. It’s best to think about which departments would benefit most from your products or services and see if you can contact them directly.

For example, if you run a sales software business, try to get in touch with the head of the sales team or the IT department instead of going through HR. You will have a much better chance of success by doing it this way, but it may take some digging to get the contact details for the right people.

On small home business

Landing big clients is tough when you are running a small business from home, but it’s not impossible. if you follow these steps, you can get clients of all sizes that can use your products or services. With time spent building relationships with them, they may refer you to other organizations for the good work you do and your small home business has the opportunity to grow even more.

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