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How to stay calm during COVID-19 times

Stay calm during COVID-19

When plans change, it can lead to stress. Unexpected changes can have an even bigger impact on your mental state. The recent COVID-19 outbreak caused many people’s plans to drastically change. Given all the turbulance, how to stay calm during COVID-19?

The unknown

Many people are now working from their homes rather than an office, trying to maintain a balance but confined to their small apartments. Others have had their hours cut back or lost jobs altogether and are required to stay home while searching for their next career move.

All of this change can easily lead to stress and anxiety for what’s to come. After all, we don’t know exactly what is to come, and not knowing that can feel terrifying. So how can you stay calm during COVID-19?

What IS within your control

Fortunately, you can create happiness and come to a sense of peace by focusing on what you can control during the coronavirus pandemic.

One thing you can control is your environment at home. That’s a great way to stay calm during COVID-19 times. Creating a space that brings you joy will help you reduce this stress and anxiety in the coming months.

To help, Apartment Guide has tips for how to create a happy and peaceful home. Decluttering your space to ease the tension can be a big help. Did you know that this unused stuff may be causing you stress?

Also, creating a restful bedroom space so that you can sleep and stay healthy. These small changes can make a big difference in your daily mindset.

Infographic: Tips to stay calm during COVID-19

Read through to find which ones you can implement into your routine. Are you doing something not on the list that’s helped during this uncertain time?

infographic on increasing happiness and peace in the home

Please share your tips on how to stay calm during COVID-19 times in the comments below. We’re all in this together.

41 thoughts on “How to stay calm during COVID-19 times”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. We have all coped in different ways. Lately I have been writing a lot more as a result. That has been very therapeutic to me. Both writing about the life I am leading and I am doing a blog-to-book concept exploring the extremes of the “normal.” thanks fro putting this together. A lot more is IN our control than we think at first pass.

  2. Great reminders! I’ve made it a point to clean up all clutter in my home. Projects I’ve been meaning to do for a long time are done and I’m sleeping better and have a more peaceful state of mind. My daily sanitizing routine makes me feel better. Also, the time I’m saving from my commute to work is giving me more time for spiritual things (bible reading and meditation). This will be my routine even after things go back to normal. I’m realizing just how important dedicating time to spiritual things everyday really is.

    1. Your point about the daily sanitizing routine being a way to ease your mind is a good one to point out. There’s relief that comes with knowing we are in control to some degree when it comes to reducing our risks of getting the virus. Wonderful to hear that you’re embracing spirituality too!

  3. Very true! First thing is try to remain calm. And completely let go of anything that’s out of our control. We cannot control other people’s actions. We cannot control the weather. Any of us are at risk of getting sick. It’s out of our control. Let us focus on what we can control. Our inner peace, what we eat, positive thinking, exercising, and praying.❤️

    1 Peter 5:7-While you throw all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.

    Ecclesiastes 9:11-11 I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle, nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches, nor do those with knowledge always have success, because (time and unexpected events overtake them all.)

    Jeremiah 29:11-For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you, declares Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope.

  4. I adore this post, my friend! My favorite line is: “Fortunately, you can create happiness and come to a sense of peace by focusing on what you can control during the coronavirus pandemic.”

    It’s important for us to be reminded that even though MUCH has changed, many things also have not. We still have amazing friendships (like yours) and ways to enjoy life. Times may be uncertain, but focusing on what we CAN do rather on what we can’t dampens down the anxiety tremendously. Plus, we just might find that some of our long-standing goals are coming to fruition because we have the time to invest. We can turn an unhealthy situation into a flourishing opportunity. We simply must choose faith over fear!

    One of my very favorite things to do, so I’m glad you included it, is to get rid of clutter! It is unbelievable how much stress clutter can create in our minds. Our external spaces determine much about our inner peace. Journaling is also another fantastic way to let things come out so we can let them go. Bottling up all of this excess negative energy is no good.

    You are such a delight, Christy. You never fail to remind us of all that is still good in life. Thanks for being you! You are loved & appreciated. I’m sending YOU all my of my love, best hugs and prayers for peace. ♥

    1. Oh Holly, your comment is a breath of love and support, all intertwined together and beautiful! Your ability to find beauty in every situation never fails to amaze me. Your comment includes the words “We simply must choose faith over fear!” and WOW that’s the truth, isn’t it! Sending love xxoo

  5. Wonderful ideas, Christy.
    My man K has been working from home now for the past six months so we haven’t felt much change within our daily lives; except, of course, for the restrictions of travel.
    We’d already stopped dancing due to K’s knee injury, and I had adjusted to K being at home 24/7. In this sense I believe we have been fortunate. The daily structures, for so many, are now different and new. It really does take time to accept the new and make the changes so necessary.
    I do hope that you are well and staying safe!

    1. It sounds like you were able to adjust to the at-home period, so that’s a blessing looking back on it, Carolyn. I hope you and K are well, and I’m glad you have one another xo Thanks for the nice words, we are staying safe. All the best to you

    1. Staying safe here, Michael, thanks for asking. Got out for a walk and the fresh air was good to have. I hope you and family are staying in good health

    2. Hello Christy! Thank you for the great news! Nice to read you. Well done! Fresh air is the best, these days. Here, we are all in the safehouse. Lol Our doors are closed, the walls of our old house are about 59 inches thick. We have a water source under the house, and many dung forks, scythes and other medieval defenses. So if the virus produces mutations like in Resident Evil, we can defend our old castle well. We even have stone pitch to make them too fall-by-trap., Lol Stay save with you and yours, too. Michael

    3. Oooh you are in a castle like from the movies! Mind you this app feels a bit horror movie like… I’m glad you abc family are safe, and a positive thing is spending quality time as a family… we will get through!

    4. Thank you very much, Christy! But, its no castle, its only an old but big house, with surrounding murals of 59 Inch thickness. Stay save with you and yours too. MIchael

    1. That was 100% my intention Christy. I hope no one thinks I am taking this lightly as this is so far from the truth. But, in these times my only way to cope is to laugh as much as I can. Take care. So glad you found it lifted you up with laughter. Hugs to you too. xxx

  6. Great post Christy. Creating my blog was something that was within my control. I have a creative space away from distractions and I even called my blog create space as I believe once you have the intention to create your own space, you don’t need a set physical space, you can create anywhere. Hope you are doing well. X

    1. Your blog is wonderful, I’m so glad you created it! It’s a place you can retreat and find other creatives. Thank you, my family is healthy, which I’m grateful for. I hope you’re doing okay xx

    2. Thanks Christy. I’m glad you are well. We are in lockdown but grateful that we live in rural Ireland and can enjoy quiet walks in the countryside. Stay safe. Xx

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