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5 cool dirt bike tricks: C’mon off-road women!

Off-road women

The world is advancing when it comes to female empowerment, and that’s a great thing. These days, more and more strong and independent women participate in activities that were once dominated by men, including extreme sports. And for those off-road women, here are 5 cool dirt bike tricks to try on your next adventure!

Thill-seekers include off-road women

A survey by the Motorcycle Industry Council in the United States reveals that one in five motorcyclists in November 2018 were female. That’s close to double the number from almost a decade earlier.

Awesome – but do make sure to be safe when on a bike of any kind, whether it’s a motorbike, dirt bike, bicycle… You get the point.

Also to the point is that biker stereotypes need to go out the window. There are more riders than just bearded, big-bellied men in leather jackets and combat boots.

And because of the popularity of motorcycling among women, many companies are starting to provide a broader range of off-road equipment and apparel for men and women.

As more women participate in alternative sports, it’s no surprise that there’s been a steady growth among females who spend their time on the dirt tracks. Some motocross racers are really making a name for themselves, such as Ashley Fiolek, who is a 4-time WMX Champion.

Looking for cool dirt bike tricks? Here you go

If the rise of motorsports teaches us anything, it’s that gals can take on adventure just as well as the guys! And the dirt track is no exception.

If you’re looking for something to liven up your weekends, you may want to try out cool stunts. Here are some fun tricks that you can experiment with on your dirt bike:

1. Defy gravity with jumps

Thrill-seekers would surely enjoy speeding off a ramp on their bike and performing jaw-dropping stunts up in the air. And while this looks impressive on TV, it can take years before even the most experienced cyclists can successfully pull it off. Just check out that video of Ashley Fiolek above.

You can start learning on an ecotric fat tire bike just to know the feel and handling of it. There are lots of electric mountain bikes on the market today, so you will surely find one for youself in a short time.

Executing simple jumps off dirt ramps are a lot easier to master, however. Head to a dirt track near you and start practicing gravity-defying jumps on a dirt ramp. You can even practice with a friend who can teach you their technique and help you stay safe.

2. Show off precise control through drifts

Drifting has always been one of the things that make car-racing movies so awesome to watch. But if watching them is already satisfying, imagine how exhilarating it would feel like to drift along the dirt track on your bike.

It’s called skidding or sliding when you’re doing it on a bike, by the way. Master the motorcycle slide and then you’re able to turn and slow down, all at the same time.

While it might seem simple, it can be a tricky thing to get right. If you’re planning on drifting in an auto, regardless of whether it’s a sedan or a Jeep, then you’ll need to modify the vehicle so that it’s drift-ready.

3. Conquer all kinds of terrain, off-road women

If you own an SUV, you haven’t fully maximized its potential until you go on a trip to the countryside. A lot of truck enthusiasts like to test their vehicle’s limits by driving through terrain that sedans are unable to power through.

Some owners even go as far as driving up near-vertical slopes. It takes a lot of skill and bravery to conquer all kinds of terrain, on a bike or auto.

Just be careful not to push it beyond the limits. But in case your car breaks down or requires repairs, you can shop for replacement parts for your Jeep.

4. Exhibit impressive balance with wheels

Another impressive stunt you can try is to showcase balance using your dirt bike’s wheels. You can perform wheelies, where the front wheels (or all four wheels) come off the ground because of the torque applied to the back wheels.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a training technique for training on a trials bike:

Looking for more cool dirt bike tricks? Off-road women can also perform stoppies, which refers to balancing it on the front tire.

As for an automobile, you might have heard of skiing, which refers to balancing the vehicle using only two wheels on the same side. Usually it’s done by driving the car up a ramp to lift up one of its sides.

5. Drive fast into the sunset

Only the most daring drivers have experience going beyond 100 mph on the speedometer. And those who risk driving this fast will probably tell you that it feels both liberating and calming.

To experience the thrilling benefits of driving at top speeds, find an expansive space a secluded area, ride your dirt bike or vehicle at high speed until you can feel the wind blasting wildly into your helmet and bodysuit. It may seem easy, but it is just as exhilarating as performing impressive tricks.

Off-road women who seek the thrill of extreme motorsports

Extreme sports get their name for a reason. Men and women who are keen on entering the world of dirt track motorsports should keep in mind that practice makes perfect. While it’s fun to experiment, you must stay safe at all times and only perform stunts appropriate to your skill level.

However, the fear of performing stunts shouldn’t stop anyone from entering the world of extreme sports. Women have proven that they are just as capable as men, even when it comes to physical activities.

Unfortunately, the pay divide remains in most major sports.

Motorcycle racers like Ashley Fiolek have shown that off-road women can kick butt. Whether you are aspiring to be a champion racer or are content with having an exciting hobby to enjoy on weekends, anyone can give dirt sports a try.

Do cool dirt bike tricks appeal to you?

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