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5 printable gratitude cards to light up their day

Printable gratitude cards

One of the best ways to increase mood is by showing gratitude for others. In fact, research shows that gratitude can improve your physical and psychological health! You’ll also likely put a smile on the face of someone else when you show them appreciation. A great way to do so is with these printable gratitude cards and below are 5 terrific choices.

5 printable gratitude cards to show your appreciation

If you’re not sure where to start, FTD offers amazing gratitude cards ready to print for free for any occasion. Easy, right?

Just click any of the images below or the link above to get to the free card templates for use today.

Printable gratitude cards for parents

1. Heartfelt notes for your parents

They’re there for you through ups and downs so now it’s time to show them how much you are thankful for it.

Maybe it’s a thanks for how much they supported you with the recent wedding (my hand is raised!!) or a “thanks for putting up with my teenage years” type of card.

Love letter cards

2. Romantic words for your other half

Love notes are one of the best old-fashioned romantic gestures! Now you can show your partner how much they mean to you, even when it’s not their birthday or your anniversary.

Maybe it even means more to show gratitude without it being for a special occasion because then it’s so unexpected for the person you’re giving it to!

If you’re not a poet or have a hard time putting thoughts to pen and paper then Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, as are these love letter tips.

Kids lunch box cards

3. Lunch box messages for your children

Want to remind your kids that you’re thinking about them? Here’s an inventive way to do so.

Of all of the free printable gratitude cards from FTD, I think this one is my favorite. Remind them in the middle of their school day that they’re on your mind.

It doesn’t have to be a long message eithe. Something handwritten and from the heart, maybe even including their nickname in it. Perhaps it will be encouraging words like “You’ll do great on that test!” Or, maybe it’s “So proud of you.”

Gratitude cards for teachers

4. Show teacher gratitude

They’re the ones at the front of the classroom helping to educate your kids. Teachers play a big part in helping your sweetpea go on to rock the world as part of the powerful next generation.

Show your child’s instructor the thanks they deserve so much, especially when they go above and beyond with homework help or in another way.

On a related note, do you know your son or daughter’s fave teacher? If so, find out when their birthday is and arrange for something special to appear on their desk during the day.

It could be a box of chocolates or another snack they like a lot to show teacher appreciation.

Printable gratitude cards friends like

5. Printable gratitude cards for friends

Friendship messages for those who always have your back are awesome. Well, what are you waiting for?! It’s time to spread the love.

Share these out and start a rippling effect of smiles. Who knows, your buddies might just send you a handwritten note a few months down the road that express their feelings about you too.

Gratitude exercises to begin today

One way to look at the free thank you cards above and other kind gestures is like a gratitude gym. It’s a place where you practice each gratitude exercise consistently to get in a healthy mindset of staying happy.

The simplest gratitude exercise of all is to put a smile on your face — try it now!

Giving thanks with free gratitude cards

Sometimes you find yourself at a loss of words and don’t know how to explain to the close people in your life how amazing and thankful you are for them. Luckily, printable gratitude cards are great ways to express your thankfulness for those who are special in your life.

You’ll thoughtfully be sharing with the close ones in your life. And celebrating those who are important to you is an important part of what really matters in this world.

Check out all the messages for each occasion you are grateful for here. There are 10 templates in total, for your bestie, boss, children, teacher, and others), and they are all beautifully designed. Start helping yourself and the people in your life smile today!

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