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3 Ways to Celebrate Women in Your Life

Writing a personal note of encouragement is one great way to celebrate women

March is Women’s History Month. It’s a full month that’s dedicated to empowering, celebrating, and uplifting women and their amazing contributions to society. It’s also a perfect time to celebrate women in your life. Granted, you don’t have to wait until March to celebrate women! You can celebrate at any time. In fact, women need the encouragement and acknowledgment of other women. By doing so, you’ll create an inspiring tradition and a ripple effect in your community. Consider the following ways you can celebrate women in your life.

1. Host a Brunch

I’m one of those women who likes the idea of getting together for a delicious brunch. You can choose to host it at your home or out at a restaurant instead. The advantage when the brunch to celebrate women you know is at home is that you get to customize the environment.

For example, set the table with flowers and beautiful accessories. At each seat, place a name tag, florals and a sweet gift from My Gift Stop that expresses appreciation to the women in attendance. This is a special way for women to come together, show love to one another, and bond.

2. Run a Few Errands for Her

If you have an honest conversation with most women, they’ll admit that they have a lot on their plate. You can become intentional about the way you celebrate other women by helping them.

Just as you’d set aside time in your schedule to go to work, set aside a block of time to assist another woman. You can choose to do this once a week or once a month. There are tons of ideas for what to do exactly.

For instance, find out her dietary needs and then make a few dishes. She won’t have to cook for the week! That’s such a blessing. Alternatively, if you know someone who’s recently had a baby, offer to babysit while she goes to get a pedicure. Another way to celebrate women is to grocery shop for her so she has more free time outside of her stressful job.

3. Use Snail Mail to Celebrate Women in Your Life

One of the loveliest surprises is to get is a nice card in the mail. Usually the mail is full of advertisements and bills. So, getting a nice card for no reason is a great way to celebrate women!

To do this, start by setting aside an afternoon to head to a local store to pick up some thoughtful cards. Then sit down somewhere quiet to write personal messages in each card. Express your admiration for the woman you’re sending the card to and also encourage her within the handwritten note. Lastly, write in a tone that’s as natural as how you speak, rather than being rigid.

If you have the money to do so, include a few gifts inside each card too. Make sure the gifts are flat enough to fit inside of the card. They don’t have to be expensive ones either. Purchase a box of tea, for instead, and tape a tea bag to the inside of each card. Another option is a gift card for a $5 coffee. It’s up to you. However, know that the words and gift will be a really thoughtful gesture for any woman to receive from you.

35 thoughts on “3 Ways to Celebrate Women in Your Life”

  1. Amazing ideas, but I have to think some other month to get them implemented.
    March month is dedicated for kids in India as final exams are in the air…. and in the month of April people are traveling for summer vacation ..

  2. I really love the idea of snail mail. I used to write to pen pals and we would send each other gifts once in a while. It’s always fun getting something in the mail besides bills.

  3. Lovely ideas. I wish someone would write me a letter, I love getting post (that’s not a bill or junk mail)! This is a great reminder that we should be celebrating the compassionate, generous, strong & beautiful women in our lives. I’m going to go make my mum a cuppa tea :)

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