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Going on vacation without kids? 10 things you’ll totally relate to as a parent

Going on vacation without kids

Hi, this is Rebecca. For a parent, going on vacation without kids is like getting kicked in the stomach every five minutes with intense feelings of guilt and anxiety.

It’s basically torture. Every bite of that Poire à la Beaujolaise will taste like cardboard with rusty tacks on. Noticing a couple with their kids about them will feel like daggers being driven into your forehead by an ugly thief! Eating pizza will feel like heeeell on Earth! Having a glass of champagne will feel like a thousand badgers bit your knee and took a steaming hot dum… alright, you get it by now – it sucks.

Now, without getting into a debate about whether or not parents (and especially mothers) should leave their kids for extended periods, let’s all agree that having to do so is quite rough for both parties involved. (Meaning the parent and then the kids are the other party.)

In this article, we’re going to present to you ten telltale signs of a parent on holiday sans their bambinos.

Right then folks here’s the lot. Below are:

10 things that parents will relate to when going on vacation without kids

1. You have no idea how much a night on the town costs

Do you feel completely perturbed by a wine list price? Or, you cannot possibly understand why would anyone spend so much money on a single bottle, while there is a 5-liter package of it in a local convenience store for half the price? If so, the chances are that you’re a parent in the den of carefree youngsters and have a budget.

It seems that parenthood gives you much more of an analytical mindset when it comes to outings and paying for pleasurable activities.

2. You catch yourself watching cartoons

C’mon Dora, for God’s sake, it’s under the rock-looking thing… it’s beneath the boulder… the big boulder to the left… there, the monkey’s figured it out already… LOOK BENEATH THE ROCK DUDE…”

…and that’s when you realize you’ve just watched and have been thoroughly invested in almost an entire episode of Dora the Explorer. Some of your youngster’s preferences can rub on you more easily than you might think. Go figure.

3. The thought of getting up late spooks you

A big part of going on vacation without kids is the hope of being able to sleep in and not worry about clocks, breakfasts, and getting your kids to school on time. In fact, many parents would certainly agree that their holidays are ALL about that.

However, just as a new citizen may feel at a loss as to what to do with more freedoms in a new country, a parent on a trip may still wake up at 6 a.m. with wonder about the new-found freedom. Even though there’s no need for getting up that early.

More about going on vacation without kids:

4. You spend lots of time buying stuff for your kids

Your holiday trips to the local bazaar or market won’t be spared from your pining thoughts and feelings, either. So, you may as well accept them.

Or, just try to hang in there or something. Whatever your approach, you’ll probably end up buying a bunch of souvenirs and clothes for your kids.

5. Book earlier flights home than originally planned

… to get back to your little ones sooner rather than later.

Goes to show, really, how going on vacation without kids turns out for many parents. So, why even bother then? Because your job tells you to, that’s why. Nightmare stuff. Quite annoying at times.

6. You’ve organized a countdown calendar

One of the coping mechanisms of many mothers, as a way to make their leaves less painful for their children, is a countdown calendar. It tells you the time when mommy’s getting home.

So, the kids get to scratch off the days when the parent is not around like in a prison, but it’s better than nothing. Gee, this list is getting tougher, one entry at a time.

7. Constantly call back home

If you catch yourself constantly phoning the house to check if everything’s alright and to hear your tot’s cute voice, you’re a parent on vaca. (Well, obviously.) After getting off the phone, make sure you embark on some self-care time to refresh your batteries. You’re on vacation, after all.

8. Order food for your kids

Maybe you organize a food delivery service before you’ve even set off. Or, you prefer doing it online.

The point here is you constantly obsess over your daughter or son’s nutritional needs, which is indicative that you’re a responsible adult taking care of some kids. So, a parent.

9. Order clothes and other items online for your kids

Toys, clothes, even more food, and that thing you promised you’d get them for Christmas but forgot all about it. The moment you go away from your kids, you’ll immediately start to miss them.

Thus, an online shopping spree is often a coping mechanism for many a guardian in this situation.

10. Wear dad & mom clothes around

…Or having no interest in a fashion other than making your clothes as stain-resistant as possible. Folks that can be seen strolling about in their home attire, so to speak.

A few more words about going on vacation without kids

Bottom line, being a parent traveling minus the little ones can be rough. But if you have to do it, make sure your kids are with a reliable babysitter and that they have everything they need. Oh, and have a stab at that colorful calendar thingy.

About today’s writer

Rebecca is looking forward to her child-free trip to Prague in December and intends to tick off as much as she can from this list. You can read more of her rambling on

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  1. petespringerauthor

    There are some great tips here, but parents also have to realize that their kids are going to manage, particularly as children get older. As a teacher of thirty-one years, I think there can be such a thing as parents doing too much for their kids. Children feel good about themselves as they learn to do more things independently. This, in turn, makes parents’ lives easier.

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