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Want the Entire Family to Sleep Well? Here’s a Way to Tackle It

Sleeping family, do not disturb

A lack of sleep is never great for anyone. Whether it’s your children that are struggling to get to sleep, your husband, or even yourself, it often means that you’re going to suffer regardless. And not getting enough sleep can really affect your overall well-being levels. So, it’s definitely in your best interest to make sure that the entire family can sleep well.

But it that easier said than done? Apart from taking a Nytol and hoping for the best, you’re going to want to look at a few different changes to your evening that could help you all to get a better night’s sleep.

Have a Solid Routine

As a Mom, you know all about having that evening routine down. But, when your kids are really struggling to get to sleep, you may need to do a trial and error of a few new things. To make sure that you’re getting a perfect night’s sleep, it can take time. But, it will happen. You also need to make sure that you and your husband have a solid evening routine so that you can get enough sleep too.

Wind Down

As a part of that evening routine, you’re going to need to make sure you wind down properly. You probably already make sure that your little ones have their bath and get to bed with a sleepy feeling, but what you do you and your husband do to de-stress before bed? It’s important that you guys are doing it too. So whether you have a bath, read a book, or make some tea, you need to start doing things that are going to send you off into a slumber.

Create the Right Environment

Next, you’re going to want to check on the sleeping environment that you guys are working with. This involved not only the room temperature and the amount of light that you let in, but the noise too.

If your kids often wake, you might want to think about getting a sound machine, as seen on sites like My Little Me, to make sure that they can block out external noises. This often helps to stop them waking too. And of course, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re all cozy and comfortable enough in your sleeping environment.

Switch Off

When it comes to yours and your husband’s sleeping problems, you might find that being too ‘on’ is the problem. When your mind is active, your brain isn’t going to be in sleep mode. So, you need to switch off a little. And yes, that means switching off your devices or staying away from them for a few hours before bed at the very least.

Workout Early

And finally, another way that you can boost your night time sleep is to work out first thing in the morning. That’s habit #4 in this guide to getting more z’s tonight.

When you get your exercise in early, you’re more likely to get a better quality of sleep, because your body is prepared for it. So even if you don’t feel up to it, if you’re desperate to enjoy a good night’s sleep, give it a try.

23 thoughts on “Want the Entire Family to Sleep Well? Here’s a Way to Tackle It”

  1. I can’t stress enough the importance of a good bedtime routine. You’re spot on there. It’s amazing how just a few habits performed in the evening can send you right off to sleep.

  2. Sound advice my friend, especially switching off devices. And I like to wear a sleep mask for complete darkness, you know, like the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? LOL <3

    1. Hi Debby, a sleep mask is a great additional tip! I’m glad that works for you. Oh that’s so funny you mention Breakfast at Tiffany’s as I learned recently that the movie was based on a book. And you know who wrote it? Truman Capote! Yup, the same writer as In Cold Blood. Ohhh!! I was blown away when I found that out.

    1. It sounds like staying asleep is your problem. Perhaps you are having caffeine too late in the day so it may still be in your system and waking you up? Just a thought!

  3. Pete (Hoonigan 😂😂)

    A good single malt whiskey & a shoulder massage worked for me when I was married… it’s pills & whiskey,not at the same time though…
    Kids,a bath before bed worked when they were young…

  4. Hi Christy
    Great advice and I think for me switching off has been the best. As writers you understand that sometimes it is very hard to tune out that next scene or new character you are creating.
    Being retired changes the whole dynamics of sleep and a pattern as you know you do not have to get up to god to work, thus you stay up later and my downfall was taking that little snooze during the day… In doing so you mess everything up… so no more snoozing instead when I am groggy it is out the door walking or doing something active…

    Hugs as always…

  5. Excellent suggestions. I watch my daughter with three little ones struggle to get them all to bed at the same time. Which means before she finally crashes! 😳 She has found that giving them a small children’s melatonin helps as well as your points here. XO

  6. Looks like solid advice here, Christy – especially the winding down prior to bedtime. Fortunately, most nights I can get to sleep easily – sleeping right through till morning is my issue.

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