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6 essential beauty tips for women over 60

women over 60 beauty tips

Your beauty regimen should adapt as you age, but if you’re like most women then you stick with the same products and routines you’ve followed for years and years. However, your body changes as you age because of both genetics and lifestyle choices that age us beyond our physical years. Thus, it makes sense to adjust your skincare routine as you go through each wonderful decade of life to look and feel your best. For women over 60 in particular, take note of these six essential beauty tips:

1. Essential beauty tips: Exfoliate

To prevent dryness, which can be a nightmare when trying to apply makeup, exfoliating regularly is a must. Just don’t overdo it; over-exfoliating can irritate skin and advance aging.

Instead, limit exfoliating to 2-3 times a week for normal or combination skin, For women over 60 with sensitive skin then only do so once a week.

And it probably goes without saying but take your makeup off before applying an exfoliator. It’s not meant to be a makeup remover (but wouldn’t that be handy!).

On a related note, try not to sleep in your makeup – It could be ruining your skin!

2. Moisturizing as women over 60

The skin you have now isn’t the same as in your 20s and 30s. It’s drier, for one, and becomes thinner over time.

There’s also a breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers, which affects how the skin repairs itself and its structure. All of which contribute to less elasticity and strength in the skin.

But don’t hate on your skin as it’s the biggest organ in the body so it’s essential to you being YOU. To show your skin some love, moisturize it well.

Properly moisturizing can go far to help nourish the skin so it doesn’t feel uncomfortably dry or flaky. Not only that but also the skin is the first barrier to the outside world so keeping it plump and hydrated is important to ward off disease or illness.

And from an aesthetic viewpoint, well-moisturized facial skin is the best canvas for makeup. Foundation and other beauty products won’t sit well on flaky or dry skin.

3. Use sunscreen

I’ve talked about the importance of sunscreen before as a means to protect yourself from sun damage. But there’s an extra reason for women over 60 to listen in.

As the skin becomes drier and thinner over the decades, it’s more sensitive to the sun than those who are in their 20s and 30s. That’s a big reason to apply sunscreen before leaving the house, even on cloudy days.

Find a moisturizer with SPF protection so you can care for your skin in two ways at the same time.

In addition, apply sunscreen to any areas not covered by clothes, such as your hands and arms. Protect your neck too; there’s more to consider than only your face. If you are concerned about getting too much sun, you could also look into getting a precancerous skin treatment to help reverse sun damage.

4. Care for your teeth

Your teeth can be one of the telltale signs of your age. That’s why it’s one of the essential beauty tips for women over 60.

Especially, missing or yellowing teeth or ill-fitting dentures can age you considerably. Meanwhile, a full set of white teeth and healthy gums can take off the years. For more information on denture and implant solutions, visit

You’ll also want to watch for dry mouth as it’s more common in older adults. If your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva then see your dentist as saliva is important for preventing tooth decay.

5. Choose the best hair color for you

Many women choose to dye their hair rather than embrace gray hair. But when you’re choosing to dye it there are common mistakes that can actually make you appear older rather than the opposite.

For example, a color that is too dark for your skin tone can highlight any lines and wrinkles you may have on your face. Also, when the color grows out, the gray roots will be even more noticeable.

It’s also best to avoid using one solid color as this look is unnatural. Instead, opt for a combination of one a few lighter and warmer tones, which will create dimension and brighten your skin tone. Read more about hair color mistakes in older women.

6. Women over 60: Find the right makeup

Women often find a foundation and stick with it for many years without considering how their skin is changing over time. The color and texture of your skin may be different from what it was 5 or 10 years ago though.

Thus, consider trying some lighter foundations that moisturize or have a higher level of sun protection. There are lipsticks designed for older women, such as moisturizing lipstick with a plumping agent that can make the lips seem fuller and more youthful.

What are some other essential beauty tips? How else might you change your skincare routine as you age?

13 thoughts on “6 essential beauty tips for women over 60”

  1. I am amazed at how many women do not take care of their skin. I think it should start when you are in your 20s. Cleansing is not enough, moisturizer is a must. Great blog.

  2. These are wonderful tips. Skin care is definitely cumulative in my opinion. The more natural, the better. I find that all of these chemicals in commercial products really add to the aging effect because they are trying to sell you more – not actually improve your skin.

    I also think embracing natural hair color as you age is truly beautiful. As I say, I’ve earned every single one of these white hairs on my head. Plus, they are free highlights! :D I always applaud and admire women who aren’t afraid to bare their natural beauty. Go against the grain of societal expectations – nothing is more attractive than that, right? Or maybe I’m just an oddball!

    Have an awesome weekend my friend! ♥

    1. You’re one heck of an amazing “oddball” then, Holly! I love what you way about white hairs being free highlights too! I go between red and blonde, it seems, with my hair color choices, but I hope that when I reach 60 I’ll be rocking a healthy head of gray hair – there’s nothing better than being healthy!!

    2. Aw Christy, that is so sweet of you to say! Glad you enjoy my oddness. :P And I guarantee you this – you’ll be rocking whatever you choose with your hair or anything else, now & at 60. You needn’t worry about that! ;)

      Have a really awesome week ahead my friend! ♥

  3. I use beauty products by 100% Pure. I LOVE them. The body wash and moisturizers I am using leave my skin hydrated and soft. That was not the case prior to using these products. I also drink a LOT of water every day. I’ve gone organic on all beauty products including my shampoo and conditioner as well as my hair color. A healthy body doesn’t need makeup so I use very little or when I do, it is with light colors. Great tips for those of us who are over 60, Christy. Thank you! 🦋

    1. Hi Amy Rose, thanks for sharing what works well for you. I also use little makeup – although I’m having fun trying out makeup looks for my wedding day this fall – that’s a good reason for dressing up! I’m sending you big hugs.

    2. Oh nice! You’re getting married. But of course you must wear makeup on your wedding day! I highly recommend finding a salon that does wedding makeup for you to see what what looks like. My hair salon does it and the owner is amazing at what she can do. Congratulations, Christy!! 🌟

    3. Thanks AmyRose! Yes, the other day my maid of honour and I went to a beauty counter and I got a “wedding day look” done, which included a very striking lipstick shade :) So excited to get dolled up for the big day! I hope you have a wonderful new week xx

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