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These Lifestyle Choices Are Making You Look Old Beyond Your Years

As you get older, your age can become a touchy subject. It’s even worse when people think that you’re older than you actually are. There’s nothing more embarrassing than someone assuming that you’re ten years older than you really are. It can really hurt your self-esteem and make you question why you’re looking old beyond your years. But don’t worry, most of the things that make you look older are easily reversible. If you don’t recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror, maybe you’re suffering from one of these problems.

Bad Teeth

Bad teeth can make a person look way older than they are, especially if you’re a smoker. Having lots of stains on your teeth looks bad, but you can get rid of them if you start taking care of them. If you’re using an old toothbrush, you won’t be able to get your teeth back in good shape. You need to make sure you get the best electric toothbrush to ensure that they don’t get any worse. Then you can get home teeth whitening kits to undo the damage that you’ve already done. A good smile will take years off you.

Too Much Sugar

Eating too much sugar does no end of damage to your body, but making your skin age quicker is one of the worst effects it can have. When your blood sugar levels are high, your body goes through a process called glycation. This damages the collagen in your skin and that’s how you end up getting wrinkles and lines. You aren’t going to stop wrinkles completely, but if you’re eating loads of sugar, the process will happen twice as fast.

Lack Of Protein

A lack of protein in your diet probably means that you’re eating lots of carbs instead, to fill yourself up. When you digest carbs, a lot of them will be turned into sugar so you’ll end up feeling the same negative effects that you get from directly ingesting large amounts of sugar.

Sleeping Positions

It’s common knowledge that lack of sleep can make you age faster, but did you know that the positions that you sleep in can have the same effect? If you sleep face down it can cause you to age much faster. When your face presses into the pillow, it will cause more lines and wrinkles. Ideally, you should try to sleep on your back as much as possible. A satin pillowcase is also easier on the skin so it’s worth investing in one if you’re worried about your skin.


Stress takes its toll on your body in so many different ways and aging is one of them. When you get stressed, your body releases specific hormones that can sometimes stop the reproduction of new cells, which will make your skin dry out and age a lot faster than normal. In extreme cases, stress can lead to permanent changes in your facial features which you won’t be able to come back from.

By altering your lifestyle in these minor ways, you can shave years off and avoid those awkward conversations about your age.  

16 thoughts on “These Lifestyle Choices Are Making You Look Old Beyond Your Years”

  1. I can attest to lying face down. I woke up this morning with lines in my face from the pattern in my comforter. Yikes! For a second there, I thought I had some sort of disease! :)

  2. All good points Christy. Oh man…the stress one is a big one and probably harder to control than the others. I need to work on that one more. Thanks for the reminder

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