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5 benefits of choosing a mobile vet clinic

Mobile vet clinic

Now the veterinarian comes to you! But why would that be a good thing for your fur baby? Let’s look at the benefits of using a mobile vet clinic.

They help you, now it’s time to reciprocate

Having a pet can improve your happiness and help you feel more calm. That’s because playing with your cat, dog, hamster, or other darling boosts the feel-good emotions. That’s the brain’s chemicals serotonin and dopamine, specifically.

Your furry or feathered family member can also lower your cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as per the CDC. That’s good news for heart health.

Many times, pets are true companions in times of loneliness and depression too.

Indeed, your dog or other beloved is beneficial so many ways. And they need care, affection, and love too from you, which includes your looking after their well-being.

At some point, special care and medical aid will be necessary for them to get healthy. Just like us, they get sick sometimes. Fro example, animals such as cats and dogs may show lower glucose levels than usual in times of stress and anxiety.

Similarly, immunity shots encourage better health and protection from germs for your fur kid.

In these situations, choosing a mobile vet clinic can be a great choice for pet health. Here are 5 specific benefits of going mobile.

1. Convenient checkups

The mobile services are flexible, whether you want your pet to see a vet every week or month. Having this schedule is the way to get your furry loved one back to best health.

In case of emergency, these services can help a lot, especially if your canine or feline is not stable enough to make a trip out of the house. This convenience is a huge benefit.

2. A mobile vet clinic makes the monthly visit easy

If a pet is reluctant to leave the house, a montly check-up is so much easier when the medical expert comes to you. That’s when a mobile vet clinic makes life easier, for both of you.

Sometimes they fear light and sound, for example. Or, if you have a busy schedule then fitting in time to take Sparky or Bambi to an animal center might not be realistic.

It’s in those scenarios that your lovely can still get the checkup, for vaccines or otherwise. Regular medical exams and consultations can also catch skin infections before they get too serious.

3. Stress-free for pet’s health

The mobile vet clinic sets up the visit with you, according to your schedule. Then it’s on the calendar so you can plan ahead and avoid any extra stress on your shoulders.

It’s also a stress-free solution for your fur or feather child as they won’t have to be put into a crate for transport, which can be very distressing for them. You’ll avoid that altogether as the vet comes to your home, where the animal is the most comfortable.

4. Mobile vet clinic is a time saver

Getting the appointment at an outside clinic can be tough. It can take weeks for them to fit you in sometimes!

If that’s the case, try a mobile vet clinic as they’re a newer type of service that could have more openings. They’re only a phone call away too.

You’ll also save time getting your cutie into a carrier and then taking them to a clinic. Even if it’s nearby it’ll still take time to get there, as well as the minutes in the waiting room.

5. Right to your doorstep

Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to get in the car or on the bus with a scared pet. Their wails and crying can be heartbreaking.

Instead, the service comes to your doorstep. The doctor comes with everything necessary for the appointment, as per the phone conversation when you booked the appointment.

It could be for a monthly vaccination or to give specific medication. The specialist will check vitals to make sure that there are no life-threatening problems, all while at your residence.

What’s better than a service available at your doorstep, made with just one call?

Mobile vet clinic: Concluding thoughts

For all of these advantages, you need to find the best mobile vet service, such as House Calls for Pets Melbourne. This service is convenient, flexible, and easy for your family.

That’s especially true if your car isn’t working or if your cat isn’t well enough for transport, for example. They deserve the best care!

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  1. After we are having mobile nail studios and hairdressers only since five years, i think here in Germany mobile vet clinics will arrive in some years. We are sometimes a little bit “behind the time”. Lol Good posting indeed, Christy! Best wishes, Michael

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