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Overcome Fear of Success: A Female Survival Guide

Overcome fear of success. Face your fears like this woman

Women aren’t always very confident. When it comes to careers and business, there’s often something holding people back. It could be that you don’t even realize you’re sabotaging yourself. But it’s got to stop. Because women are changing the world. Women are talented. And women must start believing in their achievements. I’m trying my best to embrace this statement! But I get scared – how about you? Maybe you’re scared of making it. Because, as humans, it’s natural to be in a state of lack, to think that suffering is normal. But it’s not. And it’s okay to work hard and find success. So, overcome the fear of success and get to work on your big, bold, and ambitious business and career dreams. I’m doing the same. Face your fears by embracing the following points. 

Be Positive to Overcome Fear of Success

First of all, something that is absolutely important, is for you to make sure that you’re being as positive as you can be at all times. Because when you’re in a positive and happy frame of mind, you’re going to be able to believe in yourself and actually start to make waves with your future.

Surround Yourself with Smart People

Next, you need to make sure that you have all of the right people around you. It’s not enough to be your own source of positivity and self-belief if you’re constantly beaten down by others. Because the people you surround yourself with matter.

It’s important to be around people that are positive and smart and that can add value to your life. As then, they can help you to grow, face your fears, and believe in yourself too.

Continually Learn

The next thing to do to overcome fear of success is to make sure that you’re always trying to enrich your mind. Because if you want to do something with your career or business, then you need to be always learning. This could be taking a course, it could even be getting an accredited online MBA, or reading. When you’re always learning and picking up new skills, then you’ll have much more confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Follow Your Passions

One of the best ways to face your fears and to start believing in yourself is to follow your passions. Because if you’re scared or you’re holding yourself back, you can often forget all about that by just focusing on the work – on doing what you love. And before you know it, you’re getting somewhere.

Have a Fear of Success? Let It Go

And, finally, if you are holding yourself back for any reason, it’s now time for you to let it go. Don’t think you’re worthy? Parents or past relationships made you self-conscious? Feel like a fraud even though you’re not? Shake it off and let it go.

It’s time to walk away and start to do something with your life. So just let go of it all. Put yourself first and believe in your abilities. When you do so, magic can happen!


Top photo via Unsplash.

43 thoughts on “Overcome Fear of Success: A Female Survival Guide”

  1. Awesome Read! Building our confidence by being a constant learner is so important. A must read for all!

  2. I’m looking for petty honestly when I say, I may as well be a ghost. LOL I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire adult life, but this social media thing is tougher than I imagined. Nice as usual!

    1. Social media is a maze but just stick to a few networks where your audience is most and try to learn the basics of them ;) We can’t be everywhere online so best to focus!

  3. Lisa Hutchison LMHC

    Great tips Christy and an important blog for women! I would add to the list to embrace your fear. Sit with it and breathe. It is often our resistance, or our fear of the fear that keeps us stuck. Once you accept the fear, it moves on its way. xx

  4. think you have dictated the basic rules for all women to excel in the world of men. Today they set a pattern in society and your criteria will help them to continue fighting.

  5. This was an excellent post! I can personally confirm that when a woman tries all these things in her life, she feels like a success even before material or career success has happened. I am on my way to great things, but I haven’t achieved them yet. Because I employ these techniques, though, I already feel like a winner! So they are good for a person’s mental state as well, and I truly don’t believe women employ them enough. Again, great post, very inspirational.

  6. Fantastic post, Christy. I needed to read this today! I have had fear of success, but have also learned ways to overcome it and persevere. Thank you!

  7. when you’re in a positive and happy frame of mind, you’re going to be able to believe in yourself and actually start to make waves with your future.

    I need to tattoo this on my person, and look at it often.

    1. Often words of wisdom are easy on the tongue but hard on the heart.I believe we all are aware and due to christy we are reminded to act apon it.Thanks for the alarm

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