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California Design Den Sheets Review

Trying out California Design Den Sheets

When California Design Den contacted me about trying out their 100% cotton sheet set, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fiance and I have had sheets that are light and airy as well as ones that didn’t fit our Queen size bed right or were simply too warm to comfortably sleep. After giving it some thought I decided this was a great opportunity to try out a brand of sheets that we hadn’t tried before. So we tried them for two weeks and here is our honest California Design Den sheets review.

Disclosure: Thanks to my sponsor, California Design Den, for supplying the free product to help me write this post today!

What I Received

The sheets I received by mail were exactly what I asked for: a Queen size set of 100% natural cotton sheets in Ivory color. There are other solid colors available, including red and gray, as well as patterns such as pinstripe. But I chose Ivory as I thought it could pair well with our beige comforter.

And it does look great together. The bedding look is classic, with a sateen weave that gives it a slight shine.

The Queen sheet set includes:

  • 1 Elasticized fitted sheet
  • 1 top sheet
  • 2 pillow cases

California Design Den Sheets Review: How Do They Feel?

Among the top things that I think are important in bed sheets is how they feel to the touch and as you sleep in them. We had fleece sheets and donated them before I was approached by California Design Den. That fleece set wasn’t breathable; we both experienced waking up sweaty from the material during the night. In sharp contrast to that situation, I’m happy to share that the cotton sheets were light and breathable every night we used them. It was two weeks in total, which included one wash after one week.

Personally I don’t like a stiff sheet and I was happy that the fitted sheet to lay on and the top sheet were soft right from the start when I pulled them out of the plastic cover. My fiance also liked the sheets; no joke that he said they were nice one night as we were getting into bed, without my asking him to give me an official California Design Den sheets review.

As the cotton material is 400 thread count, it has a tight weave. So, it feels well made and like it will last. That tells me the material is high quality. I looked up online exactly what the material is and it’s 100% long staple cotton fiber.

California Design Den sheets review: Our Queen bed
The ivory sheets were comfortable to sleep on, both before and after I washed them.

How Did the Cotton Sheets Do After Washing?

For a thorough California Design Den sheets review, I washed them after a week of use. To wash the two sheets and two pillowcases, I used cold water. Next I put them into the dryer.  Then I put them back on the bed to use for a second week to see if we noticed a difference in how they felt. Nope!

Of course that’s a good thing. They were still soft to the touch and not overly heavy while we slept on them. Both of us agreed by the end of the two-week period that we felt the sheets were high quality, comfy, and that we slept well on them. Neither of us woke up in the morning to find the sheets sweaty or have a restless sleep because of that.

Please note that the Queen sheet set came with best care instructions that include not overdrying the sheets and using the follow care instructions on the sewn-on label. They also recommend taking the sheets out of the dryer immediately to avoid wrinkles. I didn’t do that and noted the sheets were very wrinkly. We have blue-and-white sheet set that doesn’t wrinkle, even if I don’t take them out of the dryer while still warm. I would love it if these ones didn’t wrinkle. But then again nobody but us sees the sheets as the comforter is over-top all day until we go to sleep. Yes, I make the bed every day!

Other Features of the California Design Den Sheets


When I first put the sheets onto the bed, I had not washed them. They went on the bed directly from the package. Unfortunately there was a slight odor to them from the plastic; it was a little off-putting. I sprayed a room fragrance into the air and the mist fell onto the sheets to weaken the smell. If you get the sheets, then I recommend in this California Design Den sheets review that you wash them before putting them on the bed.


They easily fit the Queen mattress, which was a relief as sometimes I have to fight with other sheets we have to fit it. Some other sets we have seem too small for a Queen mattress, even though they say Queen on the package. Fighting to put on an elasticized sheet on a mattress is not fun. I mean I like a good workout but come on! So it was nice that there was plenty of give for the fitted sheet.

The top sheet was a roomy size too so neither of us was short of sheet on our own side of the bed. We shared it easily during the nights without having to tug at it. The pillowcases covered our pillows without issue.


As for price, no I didn’t pay for the California Design Den sheets. But I looked up the price to see what it was just in case I buy a Queen set from them in the future. They’re less than $50 which is what we paid for a different set that I like just as much as this one. So I consider it to be affordable.

Concluding the California Design Den Sheets Review

After one washing the 100% natural cotton sheet set is still soft. While the material does wrinkle, these sheets are comfortable to sleep on, which I consider to be a more important feature.

Also, they are soft to the touch and don’t leave us sweaty in the morning. With a roomy fit on the mattress, putting on the fitted sheet isn’t hard either. After testing the Queen-size sheets for two weeks, my fiance and I recommend California Design Den sheets.

8 thoughts on “California Design Den Sheets Review”

  1. These sounds like lovely sheets but I agree with Resa – always wash them before putting them on the bed. I hope they do stay true to their size. I bought some cotton sheets from a well-known store once. They started off beautifully but then they shrank and continued to do so until they no longer fit. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m hoping they might now fit the spare double bed. After that I bought some beautiful organic cotton sheets from an online company and they have been perfect. Sweet dreams!

    1. Thanks Norah. That’s terrible that your sheets kept shrinking with every wash. So far so good here. I am glad you got a new set that’s not having that issue – you deserve good dreams too!

  2. Always wash sheets, towels, clothes…anything before use! OMG! Wash it all! Factories in any country are filthy places. Believe me, I know! It’s the way it is.
    A simple wash solves everything.
    So, I do not blame the sheets for the smell.
    All else seems great.
    I would buy these based on this review, even though I prefer a higher thread count when I can find & afford it.
    Moving on to more important issues…Is that your cat?
    OMG! What a beauty. Lol, he looks like my Johnny (Depp) Wow! If that cat was sheets, it would be 1000 thread count. :D I’m in love! <3

    1. OHHH thanks for the heads up about washing before use. Never recall being told that! Thanks Resa for the feedback. Awww yes that’s Layla our cat. Your Johnny and our Layla would be a beautiful couple :D

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